Riviera Apartments, Chiswick

Undercover car park, fire stair, garbage room & internal corridor lighting upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: 2.8 years

Originally developed by Meriton in 2005, the Owner's Corporation of a Sydney harbourside residential apartment complex comprising 17 buildings upgrades lighting to save on electricity costs and stem maintenance cost spikes of its aging emergency lighting in common areas.


Energy: 85%

Electricity: 479.480 kWh pa

Total: $1,558,969

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Savings per fitting: $106 pa

Avg annual energy & maintenance saving over 10 years

Project Overview

Site electricians A1 Sparky led by Alessandro Mattiolo and Building Manager David Ranieri conducted a thorough market assessment of LED lighting products over 4 years before the Owners Corporation approved the common area lighting upgrades of the Riviera Apartments with enLighten's new Chamaeleon III and decorative arctic white oyster light.

The cost of maintaining the existing T8 fluorescent batten lighting was spiking at $20K per year, due to the age of the light fittings and the labour intensity of fault finding to isolate failed individual lights on the lighting circuit. Approximately 10% of all emergency fittings were failing each 6 monthly battery discharge test.


We went with the Chamaeleon light over lower cost options due to the maintenance features.

Our ability to carry spares and have an on-site handyman replace the light fittings or emergency battery without having to disconnect the power was a great tick for us & a future proofing of the lighting system.

We researched the company & had confidence in their Australian presence as the manufacturer, that they would be around to service / support our investment in the long term.

David Ranieri On-Site Manager


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The Solution

In internal corridors and lift lobbies, the new Chamaeleon decorative oyster with integrated microwave motion sensor replaced circular fluorescent and twin bayonet CFL fittings, which were 60W.

In the undercover car parks, garbage rooms and fire stairs, the new Chamaeleon III fitting was installed to replace single and twin T8 fluorescent battens.

The feedback from the residents has been very positive.