Local Government Case Study

Parramatta eliminates lighting waste

Project Payback

ROI: 4.1 years (ex maintenance savings & Energy Savings Certificates)

Parramatta Council saves 88% in lighting energy consumption through replacement of T8 fluorescent tube lighting with Chamaeleon LED light with integral microwave sensor across four car parks and Administration building.


Energy: 88%

Project Overview

A Parramatta Council commissioned an independent Level 2 energy audit from Environ Australia listed three of Council's four multi- level carparks amongst Council’s top ten energy using sites.

Traditional fluorescent lighting with simple on/off switches were the principal source of the car parks’ energy consumption, and lights were frequently left on after closure. In the Council administration building fire stair, the emergency lighting consisted of one T8 and one T5, as twin T5s could not operate as emergency lighting.


We were very happy with the energy savings results of the lighting upgrade. On the strength of the car park lighting upgrade results, we have since installed Chamaeleon lights in all four multilevel carparks, our main administration building and the Parramatta Library.

Councillor John Chedid Lord Mayor


  • Hunter St Carpark Exterior 1920Px Landscape
  • Hunter St Fire Stair Chamaeleon Full 1920Px Height Portrait
  • Wentworth St Carpark Standby 1920Px Height
  • Wentworth St Carpark Full 1920Px Height
  • Hunter St Fire Stair Chamaeleon Standby 1920Px Height Standby

The Solution

Single ceiling mounted 10 chip emergency Chamaeleon lights were installed in the fire stairs, replacing twin 36watt T8 fluorescent tube fittings, operating 24/7 without controls A total of 173 lights were installed across the 4 car parks in the car park fire stair areas.

The overall project lighting energy savings were 88%, representing a 4.1 year payback. The payback figure calculation was inclusive of product supply and installation costs and exclusive of the maintenance savings and the value of potential Energy Savings Certificates generated by the project.

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