Sydney CBD A Grade commercial office tower

Fire star & car park retrofit

Project Payback

ROI: 1.5 years (Incl Energy Savings Certificates)

Listed property fund ISPT achieves 1.5 year project ROI & 1/4 star NABERS rating improvement through Chamaeleon LED retrofit of Sydney CBD commercial tower fire stairs & car park


Energy: 85%

Electricity: 299,867 kWh pa

Project Overview

477 Pitt St is a 34 storey A-grade commercial office tower opposite Sydney's Central Railway Station with an adjacent 10 storey wing above two levels of retail.

Property managers Knight Frank worked closely with enLighten Australia to scope the LED lighting upgrade for the fire stairs in both the commercial office tower and wing and 300 space underground 2 level car park.

The existing lighting in these areas was twin T8 36W fluorescent fixtures operating 24 hours per day.


The property owners are committed to owning an environmentally sustainable portfolio and operating the portfolio in a way which minimises resource use and mitigates the potential effects of climate change.


  • Existing T8 Carpark 1920
  • Chamaeleon Lift Foyer 1920
  • 477 Pitt Wall Mount 1920
  • 477 Pitt Carpark 1920
  • Sydney Central 477 Pitt St Foyer

The Solution

8 and 10 chip Chamaeleon emergency lights were installed in fire stairs and car park egress paths and standard Chamaeleon lights were installed in the car park bays.

401 Chamaeleon lights replaced 802 T8fluorescent tubes, producing the same light output levels.

Fire stair meter data supplied by Knight Frank indicated an average 85% reduction in lighting electricity usage. Monthly electricity usage across the two tower fire stairs dropped from a pre installation average of over 8,400kWh to a post installation average of 1,250kWh.


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