Taylors Hill Village

Improving Safety & Energy Efficiency: Shopping Centre Carpark Lighting Upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: Project Payback in 2.8 years

enLighten and MPE Group were engaged by JLL/ISPT to upgrade the shopping centre carpark lighting at Taylors Hill Village. The project aimed to provide a safer and more inviting environment for tenants and visitors, improve energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. The upgrade involved the supply and installation of new lighting, as well as the construction of new footing, poles and Zorro Unplugged (solar) lights.


Energy: 81%

Project Overview

JLL is a leading property management group with a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple industries. They have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services to tenants and managing properties efficiently. One of their high-profile clients, ISPT, is a major retail organisation, which operates multiple stores across the country. The stores have 24/7 lighting requirements, which are crucial for the safety and security of both customers and employees. However, the existing fittings were outdated and consumed a significant amount of energy, contributing to high energy bills.

JLL/ISPT identified that there was an opportunity to upgrade the lighting system to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. After conducting a thorough analysis, enLighten recommended the installation of energy-efficient Zorro 2 LED lighting fixtures. The new Zorro 2 LED fixtures consume 42% less energy compared to the old metal halide fixtures.

This upgrade not only improved energy efficiency but also enhances the overall shopping experience for customers by providing a safer and well-lit car park.



“MPE were engaged by JLL & ISPT to work alongside enlighten to upgrade the carpark lighting at Taylors Hill Shopping Centre. enLighten were a pleasure to deal with from concept to construction and nothing was ever a problem for them”

Francis Mezzatesta MPE Group


  • Taylors Hill Before 2
  • Taylors Hill After 2
  • Taylor Hill Before
  • Taylor Hill After

The Solution

MPE Group sought pricing from both VicPole and Ingal designs and specifications, as approved by enLighten, and confirmed manufacturer delivery times.

Additional finance support was provided by the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (VEU) which was required the enable Energy Conservation to make a successful application for the VEU rebate income on behalf of JLL/ISPT under Schedule 35. Energy Conservation provided support to the contractor to ensure that the correct VEEC documentation was created, and conducted a site visit during construction to confirm that the documentation was being correctly created.

The outcome of the project resulted in significant energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements, creating a more sustainable and safe environment for the residents and visitors of Taylors Hill Village.


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