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ATO cuts lighting costs by 94% and achieves payback under a year

Project Payback

ROI: 0.9 years

Significant energy savings were identified by enLighten for the ATO loading bay by installing the Tauro Eco, which uses the latest LED high bay technology with daylight harvesting and microwave motion sensors. This smart lighting technology reduced power consumption by detecting the natural lighting levels and only activating when needed. If the loading bay was experiencing inactive periods, then the microwave motion sensors dropped the lighting levels to standby mode.


Energy: 94%

Actual energy savings

Project Overview

Cromwell Property Group is a global real estate investment management group with over 3,600 tenants nationally. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in Dandenong is one of their many high-profile clients. The ATO’s loading bay operates 14 hours a day, 5 days a week, 7am-9pm. The existing fittings being used were metal halide 400W high bay lights which annually consumed 11,032 kWh.

After identifying that there was significant natural light available in the space and the loading bay often had inactive periods, enLighten suggested the fittings should be replaced with Tauro Eco LED 80W high bays with integrated motion and daylight harvesting sensors.

The metal halide lights consumed 80 percent more energy per fitting and they were impractical to turn on and off to respond to the activity levels on the loading bay and this frustrated the asset services team.


‘We have achieved amazing results using enLighten’s Tauro Eco in our loading dock at the ATO in Dandenong. By doing this we have achieved a 94% reduction in energy use daily, which greatly assists with the Government’s mission to reduce energy consumption across all departments. The integrated detectors allow the dock to be fully lit when occupied and on standby when no one is around. In addition to the energy savings we have also achieved an increase of 13% in lighting levels creating a safer environment for our tenants to work in. We could not wish for a better result, thank you enLighten.’

Oscar Nowak Asset Services Manager

The Solution

The very latest LED high bay technology with daylight harvesting microwave motion sensors was installed in the ATO loading bay to achieve maximum energy reductions of 10,371 kWh in the first year.

The ATO as a result has seen a 94% reduction in daily energy consumption through the installation of the Tauro Eco and replacement of the metal halide 400W high bays.

The savings are increased by the LED high bays as they are only activated when natural light is not available and when movement is detected. The Tauro Eco will achieve complete project payback in under a year.

As energy prices rise and greater concerns are placed on the triple bottom line the latest LED technology helps corporate and Government organisations reach their energy and renewable targets. The ATO is currently achieving a 14 ton pa. CO2 reduction.


Article in Circuit Magazine Mar 2018


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