Gastronomy Group

Illuminating Commercial Kitchen Post-Fire Refurbishment

Project Overview

Following a fire that damaged part of the ceiling at Gastronomy Group Alexandria, the owners, led by Miccal Cummins, saw an opportunity to enhance their kitchen space and showcase their spectacular food. The focus was on finding the perfect lighting solution, leading them to enLighten's Kascade lighting.


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The Solution

Gastronomy Group found the Kascade 150W luminaire to be the ideal match for their needs. With a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90+, the Kascade offered the chefs not only enhanced safety by improving their visibility but also the ability to see the dishes' true colours.

The decision to opt for the HACCP approved Kascade lighting brought reassurance, knowing it met stringent food safety standards. The luminaire's IK10 impact resistance and IP66 rating ensured durability and protection against dust and water pressure, supported by a 5-year warranty, promising long-lasting performance.

The collaboration with Ben Cooney from Mechanicus Electrical and enLighten was instrumental in realising the project's success, showcasing the importance of the right lighting in creating a delightful culinary experience. Gastronomy Group Alexandria's post-fire restoration presented an opportunity for improvement, and enLighten's Kascade lighting brought brilliance to their kitchen space. Even though the lights were suspended at considerable heights, the lights achieved optimal lux levels which meant the space remained uncluttered and accomodating for staff movement. By emphasising the true colors of their culinary creations and offering various benefits, the Kascade proved to be a versatile lighting choice.

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