Australian Technology Park, Sydney

Emergency lighting upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: 1 year

Emergency LED Lighting retrofit delivers 91% energy savings for commercial office building at Sydney’s Australian Technology Park


Energy: 91%

Project Overview

The board of the Australian Technology Park Sydney Ltd approved a lighting upgrade to further improve the 5½ NABERS rating and achieve energy and maintenance cost savings.

Lighting technologies installed were pole mounted external induction lighting, LED tube lights for non emergency car park lighting and enLighten Australia’s Chamaeleon emergency LED lights for fire stairs, car park and plant room areas.


The decision to go with the Chamaeleon light was as a result of the strong performance of the previous installation of Enlighten Australia’s LED tubes in external walkways in late 2010. The LED lights are delivering energy savings of close to 60%, compared to the former fluorescent fittings.

Gary Love Manager for Sustainability and Volunteering


  • NICTA Car Park Lift Lobby Full Light 1920
  • NICTA Plant Room 1920
  • NICTA External 1920
  • NICTA Car Park Lift Lobby Standby Light 1920

The Solution

In the fire stairs wall mounted 10 chip emergency Chamaeleon lights replaced existing twin 36 watt T8 fluorescent tube fittings, which operated 24/7 without any controls. Similarly, in the single level basement car park, ceiling mounted emergency Chamaeleon lights replaced existing emergency fluorescent tube lighting.

A combination of standard and emergency Chamaeleon lights were installed in the roof-top plant rooms. The microwave sensor timer settings were increased to the maximum of 5 minutes by the installation contractor, as technicians were often in the area working for extended periods of time, compared with fire stair or car park visitations. The Chamaeleon’s sensor settings allow for flexibility in timing and proximity to suit the area of use.


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