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Driving Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Project Overview

Mosman Council, dedicated to minimising emissions and promoting environmental sustainability, was determined to set a leading example by incorporating sustainable practices into its daily operations and services. The Council set an ambitious goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 for its operations, with a target of net zero emissions by 2040 for the entire Mosman community.


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The Solution

In partnership with OES, Mosman Council identified the Vista Street car park as a pivotal project in their sustainability agenda. This initiative addresses both Scope 2 emissions and Scope 1 recycling targets. Scope 1 includes emissions originating directly from Mosman Council controlled sources like vehicles and waste. Scope 2 encompasses indirect emissions resulting from purchased electricity.

Mosman Council's partnership with OES and enLighten Australia allowed them to maximise the impact of their sustainability efforts within budget constraints, leveraging available rebates to ensure a sound return on investment.

The Vista Street project was about more than just energy savings; it embraced broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This holistic approach involved:

  • Supporting the local economy, OES engaged local labour and collaborated with New South Wales-based manufacturers.
  • Beyond energy conservation, the project was aimed at elevating the overall aesthetics and amenity of the car park, ensuring a pleasant environment for the community.

The project aligns with Mosman Council's overarching goal of establishing a stable, healthy, and prosperous community that coexists harmoniously with the natural environment. This commitment extends to developing and implementing practices and norms that secure Mosman's eco-community for future generations.

The Vista Street project embodies Mosman Council's dedication to reducing its environmental footprint and enhancing the well-being of its community. This collaborative effort not only improved energy efficiency but also enhanced safety, aesthetics, and overall environmental impact, showcasing Mosman Council's commitment to sustainability.

Key Environmental Data:

  • Mosman Council contributes to 1.5% of the emissions in the Mosman LGA.
  • Current emissions from Mosman Council operations stand at 2,713 tonnes of CO2.
  • OES consultants have identified opportunities to reduce up to 1,758 tonnes of emissions within scopes 1-3.
  • A commitment has been made to eliminate 955 tonnes of CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy sources.


This transformation led to a substantial annual saving of $17,037, including energy and maintenance savings. It significantly increased light levels, enhancing safety, and decreased energy consumption by 46.21%, integrating a dimming schedule for bays. Our Car Park Entry Control System (smart transition lighting system) was implemented, exceeding 800 lux at entry points. Furthermore, 38 existing Chamaeleon fittings were repurposed in the fire stairs, enhancing compliance, and promoting circularity within the car park.


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