Creating a greener world

enLighten Australia is committed to acting as a responsible corporate organisation. We have incorporated into our business philosophy the conservation of our natural environment through our procurement, packaging and recycling policies.

General Procurement

We strive hard to purchase products without unnecessary packaging and where we can, products that are recycled or that use recycling as part of their packaging processes.


We have designed the packaging of the lights we manufacture to minimise the packing material required and to maximise recycling potential.

Product upgrades 

At enLighten, we don’t like “designed obsolescence”. Instead, we design for upgradeability.

Using quality components, we strive to support the product range achieving its maximum product life potential. At the eventual point of fading of the LEDs or when controls or driver technology upgrades are available, we are able to offer customers an innovative reconditioning service. A temporary light can be made available for the period that the original lights are reconditioned at the enlighten offices prior to re-installation. 

Our product range is supported by a comprehensive warranty.


Wherever possible, all waste from our offices and redundant materials removed from our clients premises as part of the installation works, will be recycled.  This includes metal components, fluorescent lamps, batteries and plastic.

Building cyber security and meeting partner compliance

enLighten Australia has been CyberGRX tier 2 approved, this provides assurance for our customers that our IT processes and ecosystem are safe and robust. In today’s digital landscape, cyber criminals are targeting business partners, vendors and subcontractors through their ecosystems. We are proud to announce we are secure and meet Tier 2 CyberGRX requirements. Your data is safe with us!

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Work, Health and Safety (WHS)

enLighten Australia is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where the team work together to cooperatively ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all. Continuously improving out Work, Heath and Safety management and performance makes good business sense, and provides benefits to all employees while minimising the risk of injuries and illnesses.

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