Surf Hardware warehouse LED high bay lighting upgrade

Project payback in under 9 months with ESC rebates

Project Payback

ROI: 0.9 years

Surf Hardware, a surfing business on the North Shore upgrades its 400W metal halide warehouse lighting with the 150W Stargate LED high bay light for a 67% energy reduction and claims close to 50% of the project cost in NSW government ESC rebates.


Energy: 67%

Projected energy savings

Electricity: 15, 536 kWh pa

Total: $0.9 years

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Savings per fitting: $442 pa

Avg annual energy & maintenance saving over 10 years

Project Overview

150W Stargate high intensity LED highbay lights were installed by enLighten Australia to replace 400W metal halide high bay lighting in the Northern Sydney warehouse for Surf Hardware .

The lighting upgrade project drivers were to reduce energy consumption, improve lighting levels and reduce lamp replacement costs of the ageing metal halide lighting, which had been in place for over 12 years.

A google search brought the Stargate LED high bay to the attention of Surf Hardware's Global Supply Chain Manager. The key decision factors were the Stargate's operating life of over 50,000 hours, 5 year warranty and IPART approval for ESC certificate generation.



After having a number of the fixtures fail plus having to regularly replace the globes of the 400W high bay lights, we decided to look at options to replace them either with like for like fixtures or LED lights.The pricing comparison with the Government rebate meant the replacement of all lights in the warehouse with the Stargate lights was more cost effective than just replacing the few broken 400w units. Added to this enLighten Australia were very prompt and efficient with their response which made the decision to change very easy.The difference in the lighting is night and day, which has made for a significantly safer work environment.

Global Supply Chain Manager, Surf Hardware P/L


  • Surf Hardware Stargate Warehouse 4 5M Height
  • Surf Hardware Stargate Warehouse 3 11M Height
  • Surf Hardware Stargate Warehouse 2 5M Height
  • Surf Hardware Stargate Warehouse 1 Front Entry
  • Existing 400W Surf Hardware Warehouse 11M Height

The Solution

The 150W Stargate produced light output equivalent to the 400W metal halide fittings, which were both suspended from 11m ceiling heights and surface mounted from 5-6m ceiling heights.

The warehouse operates for around 10 hours per day Monday to Friday, which was within the 5,000 annual operating hours cap for warehouses under NSW Energy Savings Scheme. The full lighting energy saving could be converted into Energy Savings Certificates and rebates.

The lighting levels produced by the Stargate LED high bay were measured to exceed requirements to comply with AS1680.2.4 for pallet racking, packing & dispatch activities within the warehouse.

The metal component and the lamps of the original metal halide fittings were recycled, as required under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.



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