NSW Land and Housing Corporation

Common area lighting retrofit

Project Payback

LED lighting retrofit of common area lighting in Sydney residential unit block achieves 88% energy savings and 15% power factor improvement


Energy: 88%

Electricity: 78,432 kWh pa kWh pa

Project Overview

Common area LED lighting upgrades deliver $420K in annual savings for NSW-Land-& Housing-Corporation.

From 2011 – 15, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation ran a program to improve the energy efficiency of the common areas of 236 multi-unit residential buildings within their property portfolio. They had identified that approximately 70% of the electricity used in the common areas (corridors, fire stairs, carparks, lift lobbies) was due to lighting, with much of it operating 24 hours a day.


  • Lift Lobby Post Install 1920Px Portrait
  • Fire Stair Post Install 1920Px Portrait
  • Corridor Post Install 1920Px Portrait

The Solution

The project involved the removal of over 13,000 fluorescent emergency and non emergency lighting and replacing them with an energy efficient vandal proof light. enLighten’s Chamaeleon LED light was chosen for its proven energy efficiency and compliance with NSW Land & Housing Corporation's detailed specification requirements. NSW Government Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) rebates worth $385,000 were claimed for the project, which delivered combined energy savings of 2.35mWh pa.

The common area energy efficiency lighting upgrade works were undertaken in Wollongong, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, mid and far north coast of New South Wales.

The financial savings equate to approximately $420,000 p.a in direct electrical savings (at a rate of 18 cents per kilowatt hour). In addition to direct energy savings there are also significant maintenance savings. Many of the lights have now passed their warranty period and continue to operate trouble-free 4.5 years after they were installed.

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