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Our History

enLighten Australia was formed to design and supply highly efficient, intelligent lighting using LED technology for commercial and industrial properties. Co-founder and CEO Steve Cahill's extensive local and international experience in commercial property facilities management positioned enLighten to understand and anticipate LED lighting upgrade opportunities.

Steve recognised the growing energy efficiency retrofit market potential in Australia, supported by rising energy prices, the NABERS energy rating scheme and Government incentive programs such as the Commonwealth Green Building fund and state based energy savings schemes.

After a year of extensive product research incorporating domestic and international testing, submission of several lighting patent applications, enLighten began taking its products to the market in November 2009.

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Developing the Chamaeleon

For many years, building owners and managers did not have available cost effective lighting solutions for low occupancy areas such as fire stairs, car parks and back of house. These areas are often permanently lit, even though they are occupied for only a small percentage of the day. Viewing this as an unnecessary waste of energy, the enLighten innovation team developed Chamaeleon – a multi-function light that delivers full light levels when the space is occupied and low level light the balance of the time.


Primarily using off the shelf components combined with some clever re-designs, the first version of Chamaeleon was installed in January 2011 at the City of Sydney owned Goulburn Street car park.

Having proven the basic concept, enLighten’s innovation team began working with installation teams and industrial designers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of this version. After working with internationally recognised lighting laboratories to confirm compliance with lighting and building codes, the team finalised the re-design in May 2011 with commercial production beginning in August of the same year.

The Chamaeleon has been well received by building owners and managers in the commercial office and high-rise residential strata sectors and is now the new standard in fire stair lighting with national portfolio rollout commitments from a number of clients. Achieving up to 93% energy savings on hundreds of projects contributed to enLighten winning the NSW Green Globe Award in 2011 as well as the Australian Clean Tech Awards in 2012. Following its initial success, the Chamaeleon III was developed in 2015 with additional technology to monitor and report on emergency compliance. In addition, several other Chamaeleon products including a decorative Chamaeleon have been developed.

Expanding the product range

With an award win under our belt and strong Chamaeleon sales results, enLighten successfully went to the private equity market for expansion capital raising in late 2011, enabling the company to fast track the development of its new product range. The Tauro LED high bay & low bay light range was launched in April 2013, followed by the Zorro LED area light and Skyline office lights in 2015. Further developments of controls within lights, including the car park entry system, office lighting and an expansive suite of outdoor lights have all been selected to expand our offering to our clients.

In 2022 enLighten launched enLink, reimagining emergency lighting. It automatically tests and reports multiple compliance and operation aspects and enables the connectivity of other smart sensors. 

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