Food Manufacturing Facility

High bay lighting upgrade

Project Payback

After an extensive high bay lighting technology search, the Tauro Blu LED high bay with tailored lensing delivers on energy savings and light quality for major food manufacturing group.


Energy: 70%

Electricity: 700,000 kWh p.a. kWh pa

Total: $143,000

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Project Overview

Lighting energy costs account for approximately 12% of the Central Coast site's total electricity use. Existing high bay lighting was 400W metal halide technology. The site engineering team conducted trials on a wide range of high bay lighting technologies - plasma, induction and dome shaped LED fittings. Performance issues included high glare, power supply failures, low light output or higher energy consumption.

With ambient operating temperature of up to 60 degrees, a high bay luminaire with effective internal heat management was a critical performance requirement.


The introduction of a new light fitting that was relatively new to the market was somewhat of a risk for the business. However our confidence in enLighten Australia, their engineering expertise and their willingness to support the installation, ensured that we were able to take this step to improving the sustainability of our operations. The feedback from our plant personnel has been very positive and we are delighted with the overall result, not to mention the significant reduction in energy costs. We will be certainly recommending these products to others within our wider business.

Project Engineer Mechanical & Utlities


  • BTP 150304 3903
  • Tauro Blu Factory Floor 1920
  • Switch Room Electric Chamaeleon Dbird Walking 1920
  • Switch Room Electric Chamaeleon Dbird Approaching 1920
  • Pallet Area Lighting Cropped 1920

The Solution

266 3-module (135W) Tauro Blu lights were installed in factory floor, pallet storage, dry goods & packaging line areas. Lighting design services were provided by enLighten Australia. A variety of lensing options were used according to the specific area of use & lighting need. The flexibility of the Tauro Blu light fitting allows for a consistent luminaire solution across all areas with the ability to change lensing due to ceiling height or specific application.

212 10-chip Chamaeleon LED lights replaced twin T8 fluorescent battens in electrical switch rooms, service corridors and spare parts storage areas.

Stage 2 of the lighting retrofit in late 2014 incorporated 38 LED Zorro area lights (165W, 200W and 230W models) replaced 250W and 400W metal halide lighting in the outdoor staff and customer car park. The light fittings were able to be mounted onto existing pole infrastructure via a connector supplied by enLighten Australia.

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