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enLighten is an innovation company committed to best practice design and supply of LED lighting and smart controls in Australia.  Our vision is to make lighting smart, so that light is only provided to the work space when it is occupied.

In 2012 the company developed an Innovation Team to collaborate on new product development; prototype software and hardware testing, patent applications, securing technology equipment partners, field trials and quality assurance. Led by our CEO and R&D Manager, the team consists of leading experts in the fields of industrial design, lighting engineering and electronics. 


Our Patents

Over the last five years, enLighten has developed and patented a range of clever technologies, supported by the latest developments in LED lighting. These technologies have been developed in response to your business needs – less cost, less energy, less risk.

Our patents include:

  • Chamaeleon Multi Function Light – this clever light can manage two lighting levels in one fixture – providing full light when the space is occupied and switching to low-level lighting (to meet regulatory requirements) when the space is unoccupied. Perfect for fire stairs, car parks and back-of-house areas;
  • RFOS – the next generation in occupancy management, Radio Frequency Occupancy Sensing incorporates a range of clever technologies to produce lighting systems with their own intelligence built into the light. Suitable for offices, hospitals, factories and warehouses,
  • Grid Ceiling System – a re-design of the way we distribute building services in the commercial office market. GCS will reduce construction costs and deliver long term energy benefits across lighting and air conditioning;

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