Haigh's Chocolates

Energy Savings and improved safety

Project Payback

Haigh's Chocolates Mile End facility undergoes a lighting retrofit that improves light quality and safety for their staff.


Energy: 63%

Project Overview

Haigh’s is one of the oldest family owned chocolate makers in Australia. They employ over 600 people and are committed to premium chocolate making.

Haigh’s Chocolates wanted to improve the quality of light and safety for their staff, whilst also reducing their energy footprint at their Mile End facility in South Australia. This facility is used to store finished goods and raw material before dispatch.

Inefficient lights can account for 50%+ of your total energy bill, in fact warehouses with no manufacturing equipment are likely to see the lighting account for almost all of the energy used.



‘Continual maintenance on metal halides can be expensive, this was one of the reasons we decided to upgrade our facility. Lighting not only creates a safer work environment but designing quality lighting around workspaces, can decrease injuries and increase productivity and employee satisfaction. We are delighted at the results’

David Elliott DC Manager Haigh’s Chocolates


  • Enlighten Hc Warehouse
  • Enlighten Hc Warehouse5
  • Enlighten Hc Warehouse4
  • Enlighten Hc Warehouse2
  • Enlighten Hc Warehouse1
  • Haigh Tauro Black

The Solution

Globebusters, a trusted lighting maintenance group and S.Davis Electrical Contractors determined that lighting levels were low for the tasks being performed. Inefficient 250W & 400W metal halides were installed often in the wrong locations, these lights produce 15 to 30% of input energy to waste heat which was not ideal in a climate control environment.

Using the Tauro Black LED high bay, Haigh’s Chocolates has been able to reduce their energy consumption by 63% and they been able to improve the quality of light and safety of their staff. The Tauro Black incorporates optics for use in aisle racking applications. This makes it easy to achieve quality vertical illumination which assists with accurate barcode scanning and safer fork truck operation.

Installed were:
- 66 Tauro Black (30W, 90W, 180W) linear high bays
- 2 Kascade LED low bays suspended above the packing work benches    
- 6 Noctua 40W forward throwing floodlights on the exterior of the building
- 5 Skyline 30W panel were used in the offices and break out areas
- 7 Vico batten


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