Car Park Entrance Control System (CECS) Make your car park AS1680 compliant

Car park entrances are a dangerous place. When entering a car park, a driver’s eye must adjust quickly, adapting from the bright daylight conditions to the darker car park environment. This transition can lead to a temporary blinding, making it difficult for the driver to react to obstacles or pedestrians. Car park entrances can often be located in high pedestrian areas, this temporary loss of clear vision is enough to create serious injuries.

Australian Standards (AS 1680) specifies 800 lux for the first 15 meters of a car park entrance during the day and 160 lux at night, followed by 160 lux for the next 4 meters at all times. This helps transition the lighting level upon entry and reduces the effects of blinding.

The wireless car park entrance control system (CECS) comprises of RF enabled Tauro Black LED high bays, a daylight sensor and an RF controller placed at the car park entrance. The twilight sensor assesses the outside light level via a photo electric (PE) cell and the controller communicates with the lights to deliver 800 lux during the day and 160 lux after dark. 

In case of controller damage due to an accident, the lights will automatically default to full light output until the controller is replaced. This ensures that your car park entrance is never under-lit, providing a secure environment for both drivers and pedestrians. 

Commissioning is simple and requires no complicated network setup. The smart controls system combined with the LED lights also reduces the energy and maintenance costs.

Australian designed Easy maintenance Smart controls


  • Automatically adjusts lighting level to achieve Australian Standards 1680 and building code compliance

  • Simple set and forget commissioning

  • No more additional lights needed for daylight hours

  • Wireless controls- no additional circuit wiring required

  • Easy to install one piece bracket


  • Control Box with Xbee module and twilight sensor - mounted on L shaped bracket

  • Individual Radio Frequency (RF) receiver modules fitted into luminaires


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