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Welcome to enLighten

enLighten Australia is a privately owned Australian innovation company. At enLighten we are passionate about delivering energy savings to our clients. By combining the benefits of LED and controls that respond to how the space is used, enLighten’s products are regularly delivering energy savings of up to 93%.

Our vision is to make lighting smart, so that light is only provided to the work space when it is occupied.

CEO, Steve Cahill

Lighting Solutions


Lighting Solutions


Lighting Solutions


Lighting Solutions


Lighting Solutions


Lighting Solutions

Top Products

 With customised aisle racking optics See More
Compact unit with high efficiency solar panels See More

Recent Works

Haigh's Chocolates

Globebusters, a trusted lighting maintenance group and S.Davis Electrical Contractors determined that lighting levels were low for the tasks being performed. Inefficient 250W & 400W metal halides were installed often in the wrong locations, these lights produce 15 to 30%…

Savings: 63%

324 Queen Street, Brisbane

The decision was made to go with the Chamaeleon III, based on the savings that could be achieve with up to 75% energy savings and the reduced maintenance costs ($9,470 savings within the first year), which is achieved from the…

Savings: 75%

ATO Dandenong

The very latest LED high bay technology with daylight harvesting microwave motion sensors was installed in the ATO loading bay to achieve maximum energy reductions of 10,371 kWh in the first year.

The ATO as a result has seen a…

Savings: 94%

Surf Hardware warehouse LED high bay lighting upgrade

The 150W Stargate produced light output equivalent to the 400W metal halide fittings, which were both suspended from 11m ceiling heights and surface mounted from 5-6m ceiling heights.

The warehouse operates for around 10 hours per day Monday to Friday,…

Savings: 67%

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CEO

Steve has 25 years experience in facilities management and commercial property in Australia and overseas. Steve has a Masters degree in Business and Technology and won the 2015 Business NSW Leadership Award.