22 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby

Chamaeleon III car park & fire stair lighting upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: 3 years incl rebates

Owners Abacus Property Group were looking to reduce energy and maintenance costs for the emergency lighting in the fire stairs and standard & emergency lighting in the undercover carpark of a Northern Sydney commercial office property. The Chamaeleon III replaced a variety of fluorescent batten lighting fittings with the light control settings able to be adjusted simply via mobile app.


Energy: 92%

Electricity: 34,245 kWh pa

Total: $21,448

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Savings per fitting: $120 pa

Avg annual energy & maintenance saving over 10 years

Project Overview

Site audit, specification, project payback analysis and installation was managed by enLighten Australia.

Chamaeleon III ceiling mount models were supplied in standard & emergency versions to replace a variety of single and twin T8 fluorescent batten fittings, (18W, 36W & 58W) in the fire stairs & undercover carpark.


We are very happy with the Chamaeleon III light's performance - both its energy savings & maintenance features. The decision to go with enLighten and the chamaeleon light was made easier as Abacus Property Group has a successful track record following fire stair and car park lighting retrofits in Wollongong, Sydney CBD & North Sydney commercial office properties.

Wolfgang Peters Building Manager


  • 10 Abacus Carpark Full Light
  • 60 Original Fluorescent Lighting Firestair
  • 50 Fluorocycle Abacus
  • 40 Abacus Carpark Ramp 2
  • 30 Abacus Carpark Ramp
  • 20 Abacus Carpark Standby Light

The Solution

The 92% energy savings were achieved by replacing fluorescent lighting with no controls operating 24/7 with the Chamaeleon III light. The award winning Chamaeleon light, designed & manufactured by enLighten Australia, has an inbuilt microwave motion sensor which operates on full light output when a presence is detected in the area, before gradually fading to standby light output, consuming just 4-5W.

The Cham III mobile app can adjust the sensor timer & light output settings to meet the area's lighting needs. A standby light output of 2.5% was set for the fire stair and 5% for the car park. Full light timer settings were set at 15 seconds for the fire stair, as visitors pass quickly through the space and a more generous 120 seconds in the car park.

As the Chamaeleon III is approved for use to generate Energy Savings Certificates for commercial lighting upgrades under the NSW Scheme, a rebate of $4,085 was paid to the building owners by Accredited Certificate Provider Ecovantage. This represents a $17 net rebate per certificate.

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