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Retrofit delivers increased energy efficiency

Project Payback

ROI: 1.4 years (incl Energy Savings Certificates)

Replacement of T8 fluorescent with Chamaeleon multi function LED lights achieving a 92% energy saving and 1.4 year ROI.


Energy: 92%

Electricity: 23,715 kWh pa kWh pa

Project Overview

The existing lighting in the Ultimo Campus Building 10 fire stairs was an emergency double 36W T8 fluorescent fixture driven by magnetic ballast. The lights operated 24/7 and had no energy saving controls.

The fire stairs were alarmed and were extremely low use areas visited primarily by security staff. The fire stairs accessed each floor and the car park and were ideally suited to the Chamaeleon light, which operates on a standby level of light during unoccupied periods.


We were very pleased with the immediate energy savings and payback results from this project and have recommended specification of the Chamaeleon for fire stair retrofits across both the upcoming campus wide lighting upgrades and for the City Campus new buildings.

Facilities Management Office, UTS


  • UTS Fire Stair Occupancy
  • UTS Fire Stair 2 Occupancy
  • UTS Building 10 Exterior

The Solution

T8 fluorescent fixtures were replaced with Chamaeleon emergency lights, generating average lighting levels of 95 lux, which were above Australian standard AS1680 requirements of 80 lux.

Electricity consumption data logged by enLighten Australia indicated a 92% reduction in electricity usage across the fire stairs.

The Chamaeleon installation also resulted in an average 6% increase in power factor. Power factor improvements indicate an increased efficiency in the lighting circuit and translates into future reductions in the electricity network provider’s kVA energy demand charge.

Based on the strength of the project results, UTS implemented a wider rollout of Chamaeleon retrofits of fire stairs and installations in new building construction across other buildings in the Ultimo Campus.

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