Marine Apartments Port Melbourne

Car park LED lighting upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: 2.5 years (incl rebate)

The Executive Committee actions LED lighting upgrades as most cost effective recommendation following a building environmental audit conducted via a Council program. Energy bills drop 40% including tariff price rises!
(Oct-Nov 2013)


Energy: 85%

Electricity: 42,825 kWh pa

Project Overview

The existing standard and emergency lighting in the two levels of underground car park was a mixture of single and twin 36W T8 fluorescent tube fixtures driven by electronic ballasts. The lights operated 24/7 and had no energy saving controls.

The Executive Committee investigated T5 fluorescent tubes, LED tubes with networked control systems and the Chamaeleon LED light.

The decision was made to go with the Chamaeleon LED light, as it offered the better return on investment through 85% energy savings and reduced maintenance stemming from the product’s 50,000 hour lifetime. The stand alone Chamaeleon also had a lower redundancy factor than other lighting solutions with separate control systems, reducing the risk of failure, which could result in a whole zone of lights failing.

The basement and ground floor car park levels required 24 hour lighting, including emergency lighting.


We have achieved an $8,700 saving per year whilst improving the light output in our car park by 20%. We made further savings by cancelling a works order to replace 26 of the 120 fluorescent fixtures that were not working and we no longer have to deal with escalating maintenance costs of the16 year old fluorescent light fittings.

James Rodrigo Owners Corporation Executive


  • Chamaeleon Car Park Exit 1920
  • Chamaeleon Carpark Standby 1920
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The Solution

159 T8 fluorescent tubes and 6 compact fluorescent lights were replaced with 104 x 10 chip Chamaeleon lights, including 19 emergency lights. Lighting levels post upgrade were above those specified in the Australian standards for car park driveways.

Prior to the retrofit, car park lighting accounted for 24.4% of the Marine Apartments total electricity bill. Front of house lighting – foyers, lift lobbies accounted for a further 34%. Following the car park lighting retrofit the average annual consumption per dwelling dropped 40% from 2,487kWh to 1,490kWh.

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