Mango Hill Market Place

Enhancing Safety and Energy Efficiency

Project Overview

Mango Hill Market Place, situated 25 km north of Brisbane, is a bustling neighbourhood shopping centre that offers a diverse range of retail outlets, health facilities, and dining options, making it a central hub for the local Mango Hill community. 

The centre owner, ISPT, identified that both the indoor and outdoor car parks required an upgrade. The primary goals of the lighting upgrade were: 

  • To establish a welcoming and secure environment for customers as they entered the property. 
  • To obtain savings through energy reduction and maintenance costs.
  • To ensure compliance with Australian lighting standards and regulations. 


The upgraded lighting has delivered optimal lux levels, ensuring a well-lit and secure environment for customers as they enter the property. The client was very happy with the outcome and we look forward to our next collaboration with the team. 

Fergus Marron Platinum Electrical & Air


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The Solution

Outdoor Car Park Lighting: To meet these objectives, enLighten's Yindi and Zorro 2 luminaires were used for the outdoor car park lighting upgrade. The Yindi luminaire, with its low-glare architectural design, significantly enhances visibility for pedestrians walking to and from the centre. The Zorro 2 luminaire, ensures that the lighting in above-ground parking areas enables pedestrians and vehicles to safely navigate through these areas by delivering uniform light in compliance with Australian standards.   

Indoor Car Park Lighting: For the indoor car park, enLighten supplied the Tauro Black CECS (Car Park Entry Control System) for the car park entry and Vico battens in the general parking areas. With the Tauro Black CECS, optimal lighting levels are maintained throughout the day and night. In case of controller damage due to an accident, the lights will automatically default to full light output until the controller is replaced. This ensures that your car park entrance is never under-lit, providing a secure environment for both drivers and pedestrians. 

The luminaires and lenses used were selected by our lighting design team to ensure that all the areas complied with the Australian standards.  

The successful implementation of the lighting upgrade has significantly improved the lighting conditions at Mango Hill Market Place, creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for shoppers. enLighten’s customer-focused approach, in collaboration with ISPT (property owner), JLL (property manager), Norman Disney Young QLD (project consultants), and Platinum Electrical & Air (electrical contractor), played a pivotal role in the project's success. 

The Mango Hill lighting upgrade serves as an excellent example of enLighten's expertise in delivering lighting solutions that prioritise safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction in commercial spaces. 

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