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Back of house LED lighting upgrade delivers $7K in monthly savings

Project Payback

ROI: 1.2 years (including ESC certificates)

Replacing existing T8 fluorescent lighting with Chamaeleon LED lights in underground car park, fire stairs, plant and control rooms contributes to $7,000 monthly savings in electricity and maintenance costs.


Energy: 79%

Electricity: 48,541 KwH pa kWh pa

Total: $810,000

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Project Overview

A range of standard, emergency and permanently on models of the Chamaeleon was used to retrofit single and twin T8 36W (1200mm) and single 58W (1500mm) fluorescent tube lighting which operated 24/7 without controls.

In total 133 Chamaeleon lights replaced 144 fluorescent tubes in back of house areas. A combination of permanently on, standard and emergency Chamaelon models were installed in fire stair, car park, plant control rooms and store area.


We have reduced a significant amount, $5,000 per month, on the electricity bill and improved our power factor in the building. Since the project finished we have absolutely no maintenance cost spend on those areas installed with Chamaeleon lights. We look forward to more efficient products from enLighten Australia.

Mano Jelamudi IT & Building Project Manager


  • Masonic Centre Bike Storage Full Light
  • Masonic Centre Top Floor Car Park
  • Masonic Centre Sydney Carpark Entry
  • Masonic Centre Carpark Lower Level
  • Masonic Centre Carpark Lighting Upgrade
  • Masonic Centre Bike Storage Standby Light
  • Sydney Masonic Centre External

The Solution

The estimated 48,541 kWh annual reduction in consumption equated to a $5,000 monthly saving from client supplied bill data. The savings were broken up into reductions in both variable consumption and fixed KvA demand charges.

The maintenance bill for emergency and back of house lighting was reduced by 95% or $21,000 per year. Low maintenance design features include a battery changeover in emergency versions via externally accessible drawer and a smart connect base with keyed lock for easy installation and removal without the need to isolate power.

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