Caroline Springs Lake Reserve

Achieving Safety, Efficiency, and Energy Conservation

Project Overview

Caroline Springs Lake Reserve in Victoria recently underwent a lighting upgrade led by Taz Electrical, aiming to enhance safety, reduce energy consumption, and ensure compliant illumination of pathways around the lake.

The project involved the replacement of 26 aging poles and older MV lights with more efficient lighting solutions, with the primary goal of providing safer lighting and ensuring compliance with lighting standards for the pathways around Caroline Springs Lake. 


The Zorro 2 fittings were so easy to install and looked great in the reserve. The lighting output was unbelievable and exceeded the required lux requirements, including no glare and spill lighting. With ease of installation, great light output and 5 year warranty we will definitely be using on our next lighting upgrade project.

Paul Carroll Taz Electrical


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  • After
  • DJI 0160
  • DJI 0241

The Solution

In addressing the challenges posed by the project, particularly the close proximity to residential areas, the Zorro 2 luminaire played a pivotal role. The interchangeable lens feature of the Zorro 2 proved instrumental in providing the necessary flexibility to precisely direct light where needed, mitigating unwanted light spill. Additionally, the Zorro 2's unique level tilt design minimised glare, distinguishing it from alternative floodlight solutions that often require considerable tilt adjustments.

The use of Zorro 2 luminaires ensured safer lighting conditions and enhanced security throughout the park. The lighting design adhered to standards for compliant illumination, addressing both functional and regulatory requirements. The low maintenance requirements of the Zorro 2, coupled with its significant energy reduction from 80W to 15W, not only minimised operational costs but also contributed to the park's commitment to sustainability.

Products Used

Zorro 2

  Zorro 2


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