Project Payback

ROI: 3.4 years (incl installation)

A standard & emergency Chamaeleon LED light retrofit of T8 fluorescent batten lighting in the underground car park & fire stairs of the 93 apartment complex on the Brisbane River contributes to a National Energy Efficiency Award win for electrical contractor Briett Thiedeke. Combined with a wider scope of upgrade works including lifts, exhaust fans, HVAC, pool pumps, garden & pool lighting a 30% reduction in TOTAL common area electricity usage was achieved from 2012-15.


Energy: 79%

Electricity: 52,020 kWh pa

Total: $212,259

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Savings per fitting: $119 pa

Avg annual energy & maintenance saving over 10 years

Project Overview

The car park and fire stair lighting upgrade was part of a wider energy management project that was instigated by Brett Thiedeke. Brett has been the site's electrical contractor for 10 years including planned & reactive electrical maintenance, which enabled him to develop a strong understanding of the building's operating costs and opportunities for improvement.

The extensive project which also included HVAC controls, data logging, car park exhaust fan timer clocks, garden & lobby lighting upgrades was recognised as State Energy Efficiency Project Winner by Master Electricians QLD in October 2015 and NATIONAL winner a month later. 

We are very pleased with the Chamaeleon light installation in the 4000m² underground car park of our South Brisbane apartment complex. In addition to the significant energy cost savings, the area is noticeably cooler.
George Hallinan, Resident Manager


The Solution

No failures were recorded at the first 6 monthly emergency lighting battery discharge test since the lighting upgrade, which has delivered an annual $10K saving in replacement parts & labour.

The Owners Corporation received an Energex Positive Reward payment of $1771, in recognition of the site's contribution to peak load reduction across its network.

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