Iora Apartments, North Sydney

My Green Apartment car park & fire stair lighting upgrade

Project Payback

ROI: 2.2 years

Iora Apartments participated in North Sydney Council's My Green Apartment program, which identified retrofit of car park & fire stair lighting as a priority to deliver energy & maintenance savings. The Chamaleon LED lighting upgrade project payback was further strengthened through the generation & sale of Energy Savings Certificates, delivering $8,700 to the Executive Committee under the NSW Government's Energy Savings Scheme.
(Nov 2014 - July 2015)


Energy: 90%

Electricity: 120,236 kWh pa

Total: $414,630

Energy & maintenance over 10 years

Savings per fitting: $215.90 pa

Avg annual energy & maintenance saving over 10 years

Project Overview

The Iora Apartments are a premium apartment complex on Sydney Harbour comprising 81 apartments, townhouses & penthouses, over flour blocks in North Sydney.

In 2013 the Executive Committee members participated in a North Sydney Council run "My Green Apartment" program, which offered assistance in identifying opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades. Lighting design assistance was provided through the program.

The project was run in 2 stages - fire stair and car park driveways were completed in Nov 2014 with the individual garages completed in June 2015. The existing fluorescent lighting in the underground car park driveways and lift lobby ran 24/7 without any controls and in the garages 4 hours per day. Many fittings were delamped from a twin to a single batten.

enLighten Australia was selected as the instatallation contractor and the Energy Savings Certificate process (generation and sale) was managed by Accredited Certificate Provider Ecovantage.

The My Green Apartments program will again be run in 2016 in the North Sydney and Willoughby Local Government areas. enLighten Australia is a preferred lighting supplier. Find out more


The lighting upgrade project showed our building's electricity costs dropping by 50%, representing $24K pa- a good set of numbers! This points to the old garage, foyer and fire stair lighting being a very large proportion of the old bills.

Bill Thomas Former Executive Committee Chair


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  • Iora Apartments 1 Kiara Cres 1920Px
  • Chamaeleon Garages Bill Charlie 1920Px
  • Chamaeleon Firestair 1920Px
  • Chamaeleon Driveway 1920Px

The Solution

An 8 chip emergency Chamaeleon light operating on full light output (28W) and standby (7.5w) was selected to replace twin 18W fluorescent battens that operated 24/7 without any control within the enclosed fire stairs. The integrated motion sensor and a combination of 10 chip emergency & standard Chamaeleon lights for the car park entry, ramps & driveway areas replaced twin 36W fluorescent battens, of which around half had been delamped.

For the individual garages, a Chamaeleon light with no standby light output was selected.

Products Used

Calculation of energy & maintenance savings

We developed a thorough return on investment (ROI) spreadsheet, which took into account existing & replacement lighting types, hours of operation, use of sensors and site electricity tariff data. In the back end we inputted cost data of emergency light battery replacements, call out rates and lamp replacements.


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