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The Noctua is a high quality commercial LED flood light that has been designed to maximise area illumination and light uniformity. 

Designed with an asymmetrical forward throwing lens, the Noctua provides 30% better illumination uniformity and saves up to 40W when compared against common LED flood lights. The lensed optics are engineered to achieve significant glare reduction giving you light where you need it.

It is a robust and reliable product with high ingress protection and it has been IPART approved. With versatile mounting options the Noctua can easily be wall or ground mounted using the mounting bracket or can be pole mounted, using the optional pole mounting adaptor. 

The Noctua flood light can be fitted with a DALI compliant driver that easily connects to an existing lighting control system.

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IK08 Rating directional light throw (1) easy 1 safety compliance 1 IP65 Rating 1 5 Year Warranty 1

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Key Features

  • Low glare, directional flood light with superior illumination
  • Achieve 30% better illumination uniformity using an asymmetrical forward throwing len
  • Versatile mounting options suitable for pole, wall or ground mounting
  • Easy install using mount brackets or adaptors
  • Dimming options include 1-10V, PWM and DALI
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated body
  • IP66, high ingress protection for dust and withstands significant water pressure
  • IK08 impact resistance
  • Respirator valve achieves zero steam build up internally
  • IPART approved


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Technical Info
Rated Power (W) 
  NFL20-40K-FTL    308 x 82.9 x 359.3  3,000   20
  NFL40-40K-FTL  308 x 82.9 x 359.3  5,740   40
  NFL60-40K-FTL  308 x 82.9 x 359.3  8,440   60
  NFL80-40K-FTL  308 x 82.9 x 359.3  10,790   80
  NFL100-40K-FTL  366 x 82.9 x 413.2  13,970  100
  NFL120-40K-FTL  366 x 82.9 x 413.2  16,240  120
  NFL150-40K-FTL  366 x 82.9 x 413.2  20,240  150
 462 x 87.9 x 452.3  24,390  180
  NFL200-40K-FTL  462 x 87.9 x 452.3  26,430  200
  NFL240-40K-FTL     462 x 87.9 x 452.3  31,670  240
  Light Source   Nichia LEDs
  Lumen output   3,000 – 31,670 lumens
  CRI   Ra>70
  CCT   4000K standard; 3000K & 5000K optional
  Luminaire efficacy   Up to 139 lm/W
  Beam angle  Asymmetric forward throw
  Power Consumption 20W - 240W
  Operating frequency  50Hz
  Operating voltage range  220-240V AC
  Power factor  >0.90/240V AC
  Driver   Sosen, DALI compliant driver (optional)
  Dimming controls (optional)  1-10V, PMW, DALI dimming
  IP rating   IP66
  Impact rating   IK08
  Weight   4.3 - 8.9 kg
  Ambient temperature rating   -30°C to +50°C
  Material Composition (body)   Aluminum Alloy
  Material Composition (diffuser)  Polycarbonate lens and tempered glass
  Expected lifespan   >130,000 hours at L70
Product Review

Andrew Caswell, Nutbrook Engineering Group

Macquarie Centre car park
Installed on this site were:
Noctua non-glare floodlights, Vico battens and Zorro area light.

‘Providing quality, uniform light in the car park has helped to transform the Macquarie Centre shopping experience. Choosing enLighten’s luminaires for the multi-level car park and loading docks has helped us meet and exceed our design criteria.

I was very impressed by the energy saving... according to the dataloggers installed onsite we are experiencing a 73% reduction...the savings will certainly benefit the centre for years to come.’

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