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Backlit design with significantly improved efficacy

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The Skyline is a low glare, backlit LED panel that provides a quality solution for office or school environments. Occupant comfort is ensured through a microprismatic diffuser that distributes the light evenly and eliminates glare.

The Skyline offers superior efficacy that makes it perfect for retrofit environments where government incentives apply.

The panel is professionally finished with a seamless, screwless frame that delivers an elegant and perfectly flat appearance.

Suitable for recessed or surface mounted applications.


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Ceiling Recessed 1 flicker free 1 low glare 1 safety compliance 1 5 Year Warranty 1

Optional Features

Recessed plater kit Surface Mount Suspension Mount Dali Casambi

Key Features

  • Easy installation with 1.5m flex & plug
  • Low glare, UGR<19 design to maximise comfort
  • Flicker free driver performance to reduce eye strain
  • High luminaire efficacy of up to 170lm/W
  • IP54 - front side for extra protection
  • Seamless frame for enhanced appearance & rigidity
  • Suitable for standard ceiling grid sizes
  • Mounting options available - Recessed & surface mounted kits
  • Control Options - DALI-2 and Casambi
  • Lower power - 15W for single tube fluro replacements
  • Customised frames for air return available 


Classrooms Government buildings Large retail Libraries Meeting rooms Office areas Univesities & school campuses
Technical Info


 SKY2-6060-8yy    SKY2-15-DRI   80   15W   2470lm  595 x 595   1.9
 SKY2-1230-8yy   SKY2-15-DRI   80   15W   2420lm  1195 x 295   2.0
 SKY2-6060-8yy   SKY2-19-DRI   80   19W   3170lm  595 x 595   1.9
 SKY2-1230-8yy   SKY2-19-DRI   80   19W   3170lm  1195 x 295   2.0
 SKY2-6060-9yy   SKY2-26-DRI   90   26W   3120lm  595 x 595   1.9
 SKY2-1230-9yy   SKY2-26-DRI   90   26W   3120lm  1195 x 295   2.0
  Lumen output   2000-3250 lumens
  CRI   Ra> 80
  CCT   4000K & 5000K standard, 3000K & 6000K optional 
  Luminaire efficacy   Up to 125 lm/W
  Glare rating (UGR)    UGR < 19
  Power consumption (W)    20W - 26W
  Operating frequency   50Hz
  Operating voltage range   220 - 240V AC
  Power factor   >0.95 / 240 V AC   
  IP rating   IP40
  Weight   1.9 - 3.7kg
  Ambient temperature range     -20°C to 40°C
  Material Composition (body)    White powder-coated aluminium 
  Material Composition (diffuser)    PMMA LGP
  Expected Lifespan   >120,000 hours @ 70% lumen maintenance 
  Dimming   DALI/DSI, 1 - 10V   
Product Review

Martyn Orford, Platinum Electricians

ASIC building, 14-20 Grey St, Traralgon

‘We have had really good feedback from the workforce in the ASIC building, they told us, it is easier to see the detailed information on their screens and that the new Skyline panels have improved how they feel about their working environment. We were really happy seeing such positive feedback so soon after the installation.

This has been a fantastic project for us to be involved in, enLighten products were easy to install and provided a fantastic outcome for our client.'

Brad Wyber, Trackie Industries

Asurion Australia

Asurion Australia is a workshop facility based in Sydney’s South West that specialises in mobile phone repairs.

After monitoring and benchmarking the energy usage, it was confirmed that prior to the upgrade, it was costing Asurion $6p/h to run the lights 24/7, following the upgrade, it now costs  50c p/h during work hours. 

Also the Skyline produced approximately 42 per cent more light than the existing lights, which allowed them to remove all the desk lamps.

Lighting Council Australia

Increase well-being and increase productivity

‘A well-designed LED lighting system can improve concentration, health, well-being and productivity levels while lowering stress and creating a better  mood.'

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