NSW Energy Savings Scheme

A number of enLighten’s intelligent LED luminaires have been accepted for use in commercial lighting projects under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. having successfully addressed the scheme’s guidelines in the following areas:

  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety
  • lamp circuit power (LCP)
  • asset lifetime

Scheme Overview

The Energy Savings Scheme is a NSW-based energy efficiency scheme. It is legislated to continue until 2020 or until a national scheme with similar objectives is introduced. Its principal objective is to create a financial incentive to reduce the consumption of electricity through energy savings activities.

Scheme Participants purchase Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) from Accredited Certificate Providers, who create Energy Savings Certificates following the implementation of energy savings activities.The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART) has 2 functions, as both the Scheme Administrator and Scheme Regulator. These roles include assessing applications, accrediting parties to undertake eligible activities and to create certificates, monitoring compliance and monitoring the performance of the Scheme Participants.

ESCs are tradeable certificates that vary in price according to supply and demand.

Obtaining Energy Savings Certificates

An application for ESCs can be undertaken by the Client (once they become accredited) or they can use a 3rd party accredited Agent, known as an Accredited Certificate Provider. Agents charge a fee that varies from agent to agent. A rough fee estimate is 20% of the total value of the certificates issued. The value of ESCs vary and can range from $10-30. Enlighten takes due care to incorporate a current ESC value estimate in the calculation of retrofit project ROIs, however clients will need to get a confirmed value via their agent.

Documentation requirements

Enlighten Australian provides the following project documentation to the client where we are the installation contractor. This documentation is required by the Accredited Certificate Provider for the generation of Energy Savings Certificates for the commercial lighting upgrade activity.

  • Post installation lux report,
  • Product asset register listing existing lighting LCP Lamp Circuit Power, hours of operation, ballast & control types and replacement Chamaeleon light models and LCP.
  • CCEW - Completion Certificate Electrical Works,
  • Pre & post installation photos,
  • Metal and fluorescent tube recycling certificates.

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