Australian LED lighting innovator works with TransGrid on an exciting electricity demand management project in western Sydney

Released: 08-Sep-2014

The latest in high efficiency LED lighting and controls from 2012 National Cleantech Open winner enLighten Australia has been installed in TransGrid’s workshop in western Sydney as part of the iDemand showcase project.

TransGrid owns and operates the main high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT, connecting generators, distributors and major end users. More than 300 employees are based at TransGrid’s Sydney West Centre, which has a recorded peak load of 280kW.

iDemand is a holistic electricity demand management system that will reduce peak demand on the site by up to half, or the equivalent of around 80 houses. The system consists of 400 kWh of Lithium polymer batteries, 53 kW of conventional solar panels, 45 kW of thin film solar panels and energy efficient LED lights. TransGrid is currently building a public website which will show how iDemand is managing electricity demand on site in real time.

“In conjunction with the newly installed solar array and battery system at our Western Sydney Regional Centre, the installation of LED lights will reduce energy consumption across the site, and set a benchmark for sustainable lighting and load management for the organisation and wider community” said Stephen Ford, TransGrid’s Senior Project Manager.

enLighten is the sole LED lighting supplier for iDemand, having met the project objectives and shown value for money during TransGrid’s procurement process.

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LED lighting in iDemand

The LED lighting installation at TransGrid’s Sydney West Centre was commissioned in August 2014, following planning and design by enLighten.

“This is the first DC powered project that we have been involved with and has been a real eye opener regarding the opportunities for a wider range of powering options for our LED lights into the future” commented  enLighten Australia’s CEO, Steve Cahill.

“We commend TransGrid for having the vision to drive the demonstration project on demand management  through various custom solutions with suppliers such as enLighten”.

The high efficiency LED lighting retrofit involved two components  -


  • Replacement of 400W metal halide high bay light fittings with AC powered  135W Cetus High bay lights with daylight harvesting controls from enLighten Australia
  • Replacement of twin 36W fluorescent lights with enLighten’s Chamaeleon light in tool and clothing storage areas.
  • Replacement of 250W and 400W metal halide high bay lights with 48V DC powered Cetus lights in the Southern section of the Workshop (90W and 135W models).


From left: Cetus High bay lights & Chamaeleon LED light in Block W warehouse 

DC powered lights - what’s new

In a lighting first, the DC powered lighting will be running directly from a grid charged 400 kWh Lithium polymer battery supplied by the Australian power system equipment supplier and manufacturer, Magellan Power.

The Western Australia based Magellan has been shortlisted as a semi finalist in the 2014 Australian Technology Competition run by the Commonwealth Department of Industry. enLighten Australia was the winner of this national competition in 2012.

Existing metal halide lighting in workshop area

Controls drive further energy savings

The LED lighting will be fitted with a radio frequency based controls system that will respond to a lux sensor, measuring light levels.  On detection of natural daylight entering through the open roller door and skylights, the lux sensor control box will automatically dim the network of 47 lights in the warehouse area to meet the preset lux levels set points.

The concept of incorporating the controls capability into each light fitting is a novel  approach to design patented by enLighten Australia. The embedded controls offer a cost effective control solution for the LED lighting range compared to the purchase of a stand alone control system.

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