Macquarie Centre car park enhances the shopping experience

Macquarie Centre has undergone a multi-stage redevelopment plan that has transformed the centre to become the largest suburban shopping centre in Sydney. The centre is a premium shopping destination with more than 360 specialty stores over four levels, it boasts a massive 135,083m² of floor space and it hosts most major retail outlets and international brands.

AMP Capital has been the driving force behind the upgrade of the shopping centre with a multi-stage redevelopment plan.

Nutbrook Engineering Group, who specialise in commercial buildings and critical environments were engaged as consultant and project manager to advise AMP Capital on the most suitable luminaires and technology for the centre’s car park and manage the procurement and installation stages. One of key goals was to increase the aesthetic appeal of the Macquarie Centre car park, as it is the first touchpoint in the shopping experience.

The lighting solution in the 5,000 space car park was required to provide a bright, welcoming environment and ensure the safe movement of cars and people. In the outdoor car park, it was important to have a luminaire with optics that minimise glare, upward light spill and stray light.

"Providing quality, uniform light in the car park has helped to transform the Macquarie Centre shopping experience into a premium offering. Choosing enLighten’s luminaires for the multi-level car park and loading docks has helped us meet and exceed our design criteria.

The multi-level and basement car parks require lights to be energised 24/7, I was very impressed by the energy savings we have been able to achieve using enLighten’s luminaires incorporating stepped motion sensor controls. According to the dataloggers installed onsite we are experiencing a 73% reduction in the energy consumed on the lighting circuits that were changed over to enLighten’s products. The reduction and the maintenance savings will certainly benefit the centre for years to come."
Andrew Caswell, Senior Building Services Engineer, Nutbrook Engineering Group.

Laser Electrical were the appointed electricians, they have changed over 3,100 fittings across the multi-level car park, loading docks and upper level outdoor car parks.  Old fluorescent lights were found in the multi-level car park they delivered poor, dull and ‘dirty’ lighting that was often prone to flicker. The T8 fittings were replaced with a much more energy efficient option the Vico batten. 2724 Vicos were used in the multi-level car park, they are weatherproof IP65 and use quality Samsung LEDs that have an impressive operating life of 160,000 hours.

Being a retrofit project enLighten’s lights needed to work with the current infrastructure. The top-level outdoor car park metal halide flood lights which were mounted on a series of different sized poles. Laser Electrical replaced these lights with enLighten’s Noctua directional flood lights that provide superior illumination and reduction in glare.

enLighten’s  Zorro area light was also used in the outdoor car parks, it achieved up to 70% energy savings from replacing the original halide flood lights. This robust light has superior performance and high efficiency of up to 142 Lm/W.

Covid restrictions in 2020 have fuelled online purchasing with 73% of households now shopping online. Providing an enhanced parking experience as part of a shopping centre revitalisation strategy, has never been more important. Making sure the shopper’s end to end experience is enjoyable is vital. The future of shopping centres is not all about the shopping, it is now about the shopping experience which starts at the first touch point, the car park itself.



Project Highlights

  • In stock lights
    enLighten is an Australian owned company that has invested in good stock levels, making it easy for on time project delivery.
  • Massive energy reductions
    Choosing enLighten’s products enabled substantial energy savings
  • Ensuring shoppers safety
    Customised car park lighting zones were used to optimise visibility, safety and comfort.
  • Reduce maintenance costs
    Changing from fluorescent lights and metal halide lights to LED luminaires, reduced the overall maintenance costs.
  • Hotline technical support and lighting designers available
    Limit downtime onsite with local support



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