Your complete guide to caravan park lighting

Effective lighting can reduce fear, increase family activity, improve visibility and deter theft.

Lighting offers the holiday community a genuine sense of security and well-being. Well lit areas encourage people to explore their environment and the parks facilities. Feeling safe can make the difference between someone choosing to return or not.

Good lighting allows for easy navigation of the park at any time. To create an inviting environment, it is important to carefully select the right light for the specific area, click on the links below to find out more:


Local holidays have become a norm due to travel restrictions from Covid.
In fact 80% of all Aussies in 2020 were intending to vacation in Caravan Parks.

Increase safety and REDUCE CRIME in your Caravan Park

Creating the ideal holiday experience starts with your visitors feel safe and secure. Providing adequate lighting is crucial in navigating an unfamiliar area at night as well as reducing break and enters.

Good lighting design can ensure pathways are safely lit whilst providing a dark restful environment for sleeping vacationers. Choosing the right light ensures there is minimal light spill into bush land or boundary properties. Artificial light at night can interfere with an animals' growth, ability to undertake long-distance migrations and reduce breeding success and ultimately their chances of survival.

5 ways to save money in a Caravan Park

1) Replace traditional lighting with energy efficient LEDs
2) Implement a recycling system
3) Install water saving devices into showers and taps
4) Insulate hot water pipes
5) Purchase energy efficient equipment


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