Distribution Centre Lighting

Learn how to enhance safety, productivity and energy efficiency through lighting.


Loading docks and warehouses require a lot of light. Issues such as inadequate light levels or alternatively too much glare can cause workers and truck drivers not to see or respond to potential dangers.

  ‘Some of the biggest challenges warehouse and facility owners face
   are reducing energy and operational costs, while maximising the
   distribution centres’ productivity and safety.  We understand your
   needs and can help.’

   Steve Cahill, CEO enLighten


ENTERING AND LEAVING THE DOCK - Exterior lighting that minimises obtrusive light and glare

The SuperNova flood light will improve area safety and night-time visibility by delivering quality area light as you enter and leave the loading dock area. It minimises obtrusive light into unwanted neighbouring areas or nearby premises using full cut off optics, glare control and an optional backward spill guard. The SuperNova can help you achieve a perfect balance between superior optical performance and energy consumption. It is easy to install and comes with a U-bracket which is suitable for wall mounting or use the optional pole mounting adaptor.



Shipping and Receiving docks are considered critical infrastructure that are operational 24/7. Docks can be large spaces that are often poorly lit, with some areas dark whilst others suffer from glare. Good lighting design is required to ensure the area can be uniformly lit to minimise injury hazards.


enLightens’ Noctua is a directional flood light which has been designed to maximise area illumination and light uniformity on the shipping and receiving dock. Designed with an asymmetrical forward throwing light, which provides 30% better illumination uniformity. The Noctua has been engineered to minimise glare on docks and has an IP66 ingress protection and is IK08 impact resistant.



Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is the keystone of any successful warehouse and loading dock operation. The mixture of personnel and machinery in hectic, fast-paced environments means the opportunity for accidents and injuries is high.

The Tauro Black high bay is perfect for the dock environment. Maximise your energy savings by eliminating waste light, achieve industry leading efficacy of up to 165 lumen per watt. The Tauro Black high bay also provides uniform horizontal lighting throughout the facility creating a safe workplace.

Loading docks can be spasmodic in activity levels, so the Tauro Black high bay can be optionally fitted with intelligent lighting controls such as motion sensors.




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