Undercover car park lighting design guide

Author: Surya Bedi | Published: 20 Oct, 2020

The enLighten carpark design guide has been prepared by our in-house lighting design team & draws on our extensive project experience with feedback from clients and consulting engineers across Australia.

When it comes to lighting, Australia has well defined standards for different types of spaces such as offices, sports fields, manufacturing facilities etc. With the introduction of a suite of unique products & tailored solutions for car parks, enLighten has recently developed an indoor car park design criteria which brings together the information necessary for auditing & designing under cover car parks as required by various Australian lighting standards.

Key contents

1. Illuminance levels required for General lighting as per AS/NZS 1680.2.1 for the following areas:

  1. a. Car park entrances
  2. b. Boom gates
  3. c. Driveways & Ramps
  4. d. Undercover and indoor parking Bays
  5. e. Loading Bays
  6.  f. Accessible spots & other key areas

2. Spacing tables for maximum allowed distances between luminaires to achieve the levels required for the above

3. Maximum allowed spacing between emergency lights as per AS/NZS 2293.1 classification tables for enLighten’s car park luminaire range

4. Checklist of tasks to perform on site during pre-install car park lighting audit

Who should use the guide?

The document serves as a comprehensive one stop shop for a wide audience

  • enLighten customers -to better understand product specification & selection,
  • engineers & designers - to assist in achieving lighting compliance
  • strategic partners, electrical contractors & energy project companies - scoping out a carpark when on field for sales executives/auditors.

It also enables enLighten to better articulate to our customers & partners the required information inputs that will affect our car park lighting design. Innovation in Lighting Solutions as we call it!

Download the Indoor Carpark Lighting Design Criteria pdf

Surya Bedi

Author: Surya Bedi

Product & Engineering Manager

Surya is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and holds a Master of Design Science (Illumination Design & Building Services) from The University of Sydney. Experienced in preparing electrical designs and delivering lighting solutions across retail, commercial, residential and industrial sectors; Surya has also conducted detailed lighting & energy audits as per IPMVP

Surya enhances our in-house design capabilities, technical support for our clients & partners and spearheads the R&D of enLighten’s expanding product range.