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Luminaire Spacing Guides for corridors and car parks - how they can help

Luminaire spacing guides provide a simple reference to assist enLighten customers with achieving required maintained illuminance levels for corridors and indoor car parks as per AS/NZ 1680. The reference guides are backed by lighting design simulations from enLighten.

To assist our customers in understanding the spacing requirements to achieve a maintained illuminance of >40 lux for spaces where major tasks involved are limited to movement & orientation, we have prepared recommended spacing guides in a table format for non-emergency models of our Chamaeleon & Vico range of lights.

Maximum allowable spacings for the emergency versions of Chamaeleon & Vico should be referenced from AS/NZS 2293.1 as per their emergency classifications. 

The luminaire spacing guides contain tables that cover a range of area widths, surface finishes (either light painted or unpainted / dark ceilings & walls) and ceiling heights. You may also be interested in reading our Undercover car park lighting design guide for more information.

Following range of products are covered by the carpark & corridor spacing guide:

enLighten's lighting designer has prepared lighting design simulations for each luminaire & scenario listed in the tables to support our recommendations. Conservative design parameters were taken into consideration to achieve >40 lux average illuminance, minimum to average uniformity of >0.5 for corridors and >0.3 for car parks with a minimum light level of 20 lux as per the requirements of AS/NZS 1680.

In order to maximize energy & cost savings, enLighten recommends carrying out a lighting design to get more accurate spacings.

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