Using Lighting Design to Create a Quality Learning Environment

“A well-designed LED lighting system can improve student concentration, health, well-being and productivity levels while lowering stress and creating a better mood.”

- Lighting Council Australia

What you can't see can hurt you...

Whilst you may not be able to see the light flicker, your brain can still perceive it and it can cause multiple neurological problems. The human eye can detect visible flicker below 90Hz. Flicker above our visual threshold may not be able to be seen by the human eye but this flicker is registered by our nervous system.  Some of the side effects are migranes, eye strain, decrease in productivity and an increase in behavorial issues.

The installation of the right lighting solution and good lighting design is essential to create a quality learning environment. Our custom lighting designs can improve student concentration, health, well-being and improve productivity levels.
enLighten's Skyline LED panel is a leader in its class with an ULTRA LONG LIFE SPAN >120,000 hrs, with NO FLICKER, LOW GLARE and >90% light uniformity. The Skyline panel also delivers up to 67% energy savings. 


Our customer road tests the Skyline panel. See the difference...

Brad Wyber from Trackie Industries talks about how strobing light in an office environment can affect your health and well-being. Enjoy this road test of the skyline panel vs a competitor. See the difference... The enLighten Skyline panel has no flicker and is low glare UGR<19.


Common neurological impairments from light flicker

25-50% of migrane suffers identified flicker as a trigger. Prolonged exposure to flickering light can contribute to decreased concentration, a lack of productivity and fatigue. People suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can have increased behavioral issues due to flicker. A visible flicking light can cause epileptic seizures in susceptible people.

Skyline is a low glare edge lit LED panel that provides an energy efficient retrofit solution to conventional fluorescent luminaires. The Skyline panel offers superior performance with their high quality light guide plate design, using PMMA. The prismatic diffuser distributes the light evenly and eliminates glare. A quality driver ensures this light is FLICKER FREE.

This slimline LED panel is professionally finished with a seemless frame and is suitable for the school or office environment. Designed for recessed, surface mounted or suspended applications. Not all panels are create equal...the Skyline panel is BUILT TO LAST.


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