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enConnect: A Connectable Lighting System

Presenting enLighten's revolutionary enConnect system: the ultimate temporary construction lighting solution. It's seamless yet simple fittings save our client's labour and installation costs.

Mango Hill Market Place: Enhancing Safety and Energy Efficiency

Showcasing the Mango Hill lighting upgrade; An excellent example of enLighten's expertise in delivering lighting solutions that prioritise safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction in commercial spaces.

Chamaeleon - simple battery change

Showing the unique feature of the Chamaeleon's battery change draw. This ensures that the lights can be serviced quickly and simply - resulting in minimal downtime.

Chamaeleon Eco LED sensor light

Overview of the contractor friendly design features and user benefits of the Australian designed standard & emergency LED light with integrated microwave motion sensor. Installation friendly, dimmable standby light option, IR commissioning tool for simple adjustment of light settings

enLighten Australia overview & Chamaeleon III

Introduction to LED lighting innovation company enLighten Australia and overview of the award winning Chamaeleon III bulkhead LED luminaire for fire stairs, car parks and corridors. Intelligent Australian designed features include smartphone app control, battery self test in emergency versions & smart connect base for easy maintenance.

Chamaeleon III App

The Chamaeleon III App for smart phones - use our innovative App to quickly and easily adjust the luminaire's settings with your phone!

Chamaeleon III in fire stairs

The new Chamaeleon III in action as we follow a fire stair visitor. See how the integrated microwave motion sensor triggers the light well BEFORE the visitor reaches the landing and the slow fade down to standby mode.

The Chamaeleon light's maintenance saving features

See how the clever design features of the Chamaeleon light save on maintenance for light removal without cutting the power & battery replacement for emergency versions.

Lux Review Hotlist - Top 10 Australia & NZ lighting companies 2015

enLighten Australia is showcased among the top 10 Australia & NZ lighting companies for 2015 at a party held in Sydney in May by International lighting media group Lux Magazine.

Fire stair lighting retrofit case study

View the Chamaeleon LED multi mode light with inbuilt microwave sensor in action as you follow an occupant move up & down the fire stair of a 12 storey apartment block.
See how up to 93% energy savings are achieved compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.

Australian Cleantech Open Competition 2012 - Summary

Competition overview, judge, mentor & finalist interviews, presentation ceremony, speeches

Green Strata Case Studies - Hyde Park Towers - residential strata building, Sydney CBD achieves 22% energy reduction

Green Strata: Hyde Park Towers has reduced its total energy consumption by 22% through lighting upgrades in the fire stairs, carpark and common area foyers.

Green Strata Case Study - Client perspectives - Chamaeleon installation in common area lighting

Green Strata: Since 2008 Nexus apartments has addressed the lighting requirements for each of its common area spaces. Here they talk about some of those initiatives

Our customer road tests the Skyline panel. See the difference

Brad Wyber from Trackie Industries talks about how strobing light in an office environment can affect your health and well-being. Enjoy this road test of the skyline panel vs a competitor. See the difference... The enLighten Skyline panel has no flicker and is low glare UGR<19.

Why not all panels are created equal?

Good office lighting supports health, well-being and performance, so choosing the right lighting has never been more important. Skyline is a low glare double edge lit LED panel - designed to perform and outlast the rest. With a ribbed backing plate and robust aluminium extruded frame. It uses a state of art Light Guide Plate made from PMMA which has the highest optical properties of all plastic materials. This slimline LED panel is suitable for the office or school environment. Designed for recessed, surface mounted or suspended applications.


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