Why Air Integrated Luminaires Are Overlooked

Air integrated luminaires are frequently neglected during energy efficiency upgrades. The primary reason are the complex requirements of accommodating both air supply and return alongside lighting within a single fixture. Additionally, the non-standard dimensions of frames and air holes make it challenging for suppliers to stock these luminaires, often necessitating customised solutions.

The interaction between lighting and HVAC systems originated from increased efforts to maximise the efficiency of lighting, heating and cooling systems in buildings in the 1980s. Using supply or return air to cool a fluorescent luminaire increases the tube efficacy. The second factor was to reduce the peak cooling loads due to lighting and therefore the peak electrical load on the building. Moreover, integrating air and lighting systems was considered more visually appealing, as it reduced ceiling clutter.


The Shift to LED Lighting

The visual benefits of integrated systems remain relevant, but the need for cooling fluorescents and reducing peak cooling loads does not apply to LEDs. Separating the systems is often not cost-effective unless a full floor refurbishment is planned. Consequently, retrofitting the luminaire becomes the preferred option when owners seek to enhance energy performance with LED lighting.

enLighten's Support for Upgrades

enlightens Recessed LED Air Range addresses the challenges of retrofitting air integrated luminaires. The range offers a wide selection that simplifies ordering and planning. For any required variations within the frame, enLighten collaborates with Australian manufacturers to produce the necessary customisations.

In summary, while air integrated luminaires have been historically important for trying to make fluorescent lighting as efficient as possible, the advent of LED lighting has changed the landscape. enLighten recognises this shift and provides innovative solutions to support owners in upgrading their lighting systems, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.


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