PowellWell saves 100,000 kWh each year for every Wilson Parking site retrofitted

Wilson Parking works with PowerWell to improve lighting across its car parks and improve energy efficiency by up to 86%

Wilson Parking, Australia’s leading parking operator places great importance on the safety of their car parks, ensuring that lighting across the car parks, entry, exits and areas such as lift lobbies and stairwells create a comfortable environment.

PowerWell is an Australian owned and operated energy optimisation company. They specialise in providing smart energy management solutions, such as LED Lighting to commercial operations.

By working with PowerWell and alongside its landlords, Wilson Parking has improved the lighting efficiency across a number of car parks. This ensures that lighting meets Australian standards, improves the safety for parkers, pedestrians and vehicles within car parks, as well as reducing the energy consumption required to achieve optimal lighting levels.

Paul Sidwell, Chief Technology Officer at Wilson Parking says, “We always strive to maintain high quality of service for our customers, which includes the presentation of our car parks and to provide an appealing and safe environment. There are also added environmental benefits of reduced energy consumption with this approach.”

Through consultation with its landlords, Wilson Parking wanted to ensure optimum lighting levels and energy efficiency. After engaging with PowerWell, a lighting audit was undertaken. The current light output was assessed across a number of factors, including the compliance to Australian Standards AS 1680, which specifies minimum light levels for both day and night, as well as different locations within a car park. They also looked at energy consumption, efficiency of lighting and overall positioning and quality of lighting.

Rob Filipovic, Director and Head of Business Development at PowerWell says, “We are pleased to be working with Wilson Parking to improve lighting quality and efficiency across their car parks. Although lighting was already good within its car parks, a thorough audit identified where improvements could be made to have optimal lighting output and to the energy consumed by the lighting.”

By moving to a more efficient way to manage lighting, a reduction of car park energy consumption can be achieved. This equates to more than 100,000 kWh on average per site- the equivalent of offsetting 35 combustion cars per site per year.

Wilson Parking has upgraded a number of lighting projects across major car parks in Victoria and New South Wales, that are used by thousands of customers each day. Together with PowerWell, Wilson Parking has adopted customised options, daylight harvesting and motion sensors to achieve uniform illumination levels, creating a more comfortable and energy efficient environment.


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