Zorro Unplugged
Compact unit with high efficiency solar panels


The Zorro Unplugged is an ALL-IN-ONE luminaire design that achieves exceptional performance, it has an integrated solar panel, LED array, microwave sensor and battery all within one standalone system. This light generates energy and stores it in a high quality battery that delivers light using LUMILEDS 5050 LEDs.

The smart control system enables you to customise the lighting operation to meet the needs of the users within the environment.  Options include both sensor and/or time control.

The Zorro Unplugged is a convenient and cost-effective solution to improve visibility and safety in area that traditionally have been difficult to light because power is not available

   Download the Council Solar Area Lighting guide


Pathways, mine sites, foreshore areas, university and school campuses, caravan parks and temporary construction sites.

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  • Fully integrated luminaire with solar panel and battery avoids the complexity of assembling third party components on site
  • Adjustable independent LED lamp angle to achieve the optimal light distribution without affecting solar harvesting
  • Remote control to set the lighting levels at scheduled times
  • Reduced installation cost as no cabling is required
  • Industry leading performance with >190 Lm/W luminaire efficacy
  • Smart controls with integrated microwave motion sensor and intelligent time control
  • Quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • 5 year product warranty and 3 years battery warranty


  • Easy to install ALL-IN-ONE unit with integrated solar panel, LED array and battery
  • Zero energy bill from solar powered area light
  • Lightning surge protection - 6KA
  • Expected lifespan of high quality Lumileds LEDs > 72,000 hours or 20 years operating 10 hours a day
  • Long lifespan of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
  • 8W, 20W & 30W models with operating temperatures from -20°C - 60°C


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