Chamaeleon Deco 2

with Selectable brightness and colour temperature

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The Chamaeleon Deco 2 is an elegant, slim and versatile decorative light, that is easy to customise, with adjustable brightness and dual colour temperature switch.

It has an integrated smart daylight sensor, your lights only turn on only when needed. The Chamaeleon Deco 2 is a smart light that goes into standby mode at dusk and reaches full light when motion is detected. At dawn the luminaire switches off automatically to save energy.

This versatile bulkhead comes with a dual colour switch,  making it easy for you to achieve the colour temperature you need, choose from 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white. Having completely separate light circuits ensures colour consistency over the age of the fitting.

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5 Year Warranty 1 dual colour 1 selectable brightness 1 Daylight Sensor 1 Microwave Sensor 1 safety compliance 1 emergency 1 (1) IP44 1 1K10 1

Key Features

  • Emergency and non-emergency options available
  • Adjustable brightness - 1500/1000/700 lumens options within same fitting
  • Dual colour switch - with the flick of a switch choose either 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white colour tone
  • 2 & 3 Step sensor dimming - offers full, standby & off modes
  • Smart daylight sensor - your lights only turn on when needed
  • Flicker free


Corridors Fire stairs Foyers Lobbies Toilets
Technical Info
  D2-CHAM  Chamaeleon Deco 2 Standard with in-built microwave and daylight sensors
  D2-CHAM-E  Chamaeleon Deco 2 Emergency with in-built microwave and daylight sensors
  D2-CHAM-P  Chamaeleon Deco 2 Standard
  Light source                       Samsung LEDs
  Lumen output     1500 (max), 1000, 700 lumen                                        
  CRI     Ra>80
  CCT     3000K or 4000K (selectable colour)
  Power consumption     16W Standard, 17W Emergency 
  Standby light level     25%, 10% & Off
  Standby power     0.5W-5.5W
  Operating frequency    50/60Hz
  Operating voltage range     220 -240 V AC
  Battery type     LiFePO4 (2 year warranty)    
  Discharge time    90 minutes                               
  Emergency classification     D40
  IP rating     IP44
  Impact rating     IK10                                                        
  Weight    1.3kg standard, 1.5kg emergency    
  Temperature range (standard)     -10°C to +40°C
  Temperature range (emergency)      0°C to +40°C                                                        
  Material Composition (body)    Polycarbonate (UV stabilised)    
  Material Composition (diffuser)     Polycarbonate (UV stabilised)                                                        
  Expected LED Lifespan    > 60,000 hours @ L70     
  Selectable brightness
   Allows for adjustable brightness, select 1500lm, 1000lm or 700lm
  Selectable colour temperature
   3000K or 4000K
  Smart daylight sensor    Standby at dusk, full light when motion is detected and switches off automatically with morning light   
  Smart daylight sensor    Standby at dusk, full light when motion is detected and switches off automatically with morning light
  Integrated motion sensor    2 & 3-step dimming to standby level or off
Product Review

Peter Voigt, Voigties Volts Project Solutions

14 Quarymaster Drive, Pyrmont
‘This elegant slimline oyster is built to last and was easy to install. I like how the dual colour switch  uses completely separate light circuits, giving long lasting colour consistency for both 3000K and 4000K. Also having the selectable brightness to 50%, 75% or 100%. Is a great if your chasing power savings or you need to brighten an area.

The controls on this light make it easier for buildings without smart control wiring to make the most out of the existing wiring. Hands down the most versatile light I have installed.’


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