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Compact unit with high efficiency solar panels See More


  • Easy to install and smart controls for extanded operation hours
  • Fully integrated luminaire with solar panel and battery
  • Zero energy bill from solar powered area light
Applications: Pathways, university and school campuses, caravan parks and temporary construction sites.


  • Emergency and non-emergency options available
  • Ease of Installation with smart connect base
  • App Control - easy commissioning light setup
  • Up to 93% Energy Savings through the inbuilt motion sensor
Applications: Fire Stairs, Undercover Car parks, Garbage Rooms, Service Corridors, store rooms

A value offering for low occupancy spaces See More
  • Microwave sensor controlled luminaire
  • Fast Installation - Predrilled holes, screw less gear tray and large terminal block to speed up installation
  • Commissioning Remote Control - easily adjustable with infrared, universal remote to tailor the out put
Applications: Fire Stairs, Undercover Car parks, Corridors and Plant rooms. Any area that is Low Occupancy or is a Transit Through Space.

  • Eco Dim switch to half power
  • Ease of Installation - with screwless gear tray & large terminal blocks
  • Maximise energy savings - through inbuilt motion sensor - up to 87% energy savings
  • Environmentally Friendly & stable LiFe PO4 battery
Applications: Fire Stairs, Undercover Car parks, Store rooms Corridors and Retail

  • Emergency and non emergency options available
  • Daylight Harvesting - Additional savings are available by activating PE sensor
  • Maximise energy savings through the inbuilt motion sensor
Applications: Corridors, Lobbies, Toilets, Fire stairs

  • Double edge lit, low glare and flicker free to maximise comfort
  • Heat expansion joints - to prevent warping
  • Extra Long lifespan = 120,000 hrs
  • Quick Installation with 1.5m flex & plug
Applications: Classrooms, lecture, daycare, libraries, office areas, meeting rooms, Government buildings, Large retail  

  • Integrated PE options
  • Range of power and lens options to suit most applications
  • Expected life >140,000hrs from high quality high powered LEDs
  • Available in Black or Silver
Applications: Outdoor car parks, Bike path, Council parks, Industrial estates, Universities

 With customised aisle racking optics See More


  • Up to 40% more efficient than standard LED highbays
  • Eliminate Waste Light
  • Optional lighting controls
Applications: Warehousing, Workshop, Manufacturing, Loading docks, Large retail

  • High colour rendering CRI>90
  • High Luminaire efficacy
  • Ambient operating temperature -30° to +50°
Applications: Warehousing, food manufacturing

  • Directional forward throwing flood light
  • High efficacy up to 139 lumens per watt
  • Ingress protection for dust and powerful jets of water
Applications: Outdoor car parks, building perimeters, working yards and building facades.

Applications: Industrial Estates, Building Perimeters, Sports Field, Sports Court, Outdoor Car Parks, Loading Dock