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The Zorro Unplugged is an ALL-IN-ONE luminaire design that achieves exceptional performance, it has an integrated solar panel, LED array, microwave sensor and battery all within one standalone system. This light generates energy and stores it in a high quality battery that delivers light using LUMILEDS 5050 LEDs.

The smart control system enables you to customise the lighting operation to meet the needs of the users within the environment.  Options include both sensor and/or time control.

The Zorro Unplugged is a convenient and cost-effective solution to improve visibility and safety in area that traditionally have been difficult to light because power is not available.

In Australia the direction of the solar panel should face North for optimum sun exposure and battery charge. The battery warranty may be void if the solar panel is not facing North East, North or North West.

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Daylight Sensor 1 liFeP04 1 low maintenance 1 Microwave Sensor 1 remote control 1 safety compliance 1 Time control 1 IP65 Rating 1 5 Year Warranty 1

Key Features

  • Fully integrated luminaire with solar panel and battery avoids the complexity of assembling third party components on site
  • Adjustable independent LED lamp angle to achieve the optimal light distribution without affecting solar harvesting
  • Remote control to set the lighting levels at scheduled times
  • Reduced installation cost as no cabling is required
  • Industry leading performance with >190 Lm/W luminaire efficacy
  • Smart controls with integrated microwave motion sensor and intelligent time control
  • Quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • 5 year product warranty and 3 years battery warranty


Caravan parks Pathways Temp construction sites Univesities & school campuses Mine sites
Technical Info
 Light Source  LUMILEDS LEDs   
 Lumen output  1520 lumens  
 CRI  Ra>70
 CCT  4000K
 Luminaire efficacy    >190 lm/W
 Beam angle  IES Type III


 Power Consumption  8W
 Solar panel power generation    17W
 Battery rating  9Ah 12.8V LiFePO4  
 Battery lifespan  2000 Cycles
 Operating hours  Up to 36 hrs in dim mode
 Battery charging time  7 hrs (full sun)


 IP rating  IP65
 Impact rating  IK08 (optical lens)
 Weight  5.3kg
 Ambient temperature rating  -0°C to +60°C
 Material Composition (body)  Die cast aluminum
 Material Composition (solar panel)    Monocrystalline silicon   
 Material Composition (lens)  Polycarbonate
 Expected Lifespan  >72,000 hours at L70


 WEIGHT (kg)
 SSL08-4K-TIII-GRY  1520 518 x 290 x 81   5.3
Product Review

Ben Pilon, Dubbo City Council

Creating a safer community on the Tracker Riley cycle way
‘The great thing about enLighten’s Zorro Unplugged solar lights is that they could be installed with minimal disruption to the cycle way and they are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, and remote locations with limited or no power supply.

Having an independent rotating axis for the LED panel allowed us to focus the light where needed on the path. The lights also use the latest technology in batteries and have a quality solar panel to ensure good harvest from the sun’s energy. We are delighted with the results.’

Misty Lovis, The Grange

Over 55's lifestyle community
‘We recently bought the 20W Zorro Unplugged solar light for our over 55's Lifestyle Community at The Grange. We needed to light our public service area to improve accessibility and safety. We are so happy with the light output and we would highly recommend this light.’

Ginko Mine, Pooncarie, NSW

30W Zorro Unplugged solar luminaires, light up the Ginkgo mine, located 85 kms north of Mildura on the Victoria/NSW border. Having no power available or budget to trench and cable, the Zorro Unplugged solar light was the perfect solution to give light to the roadway stretching from the office to the accommodation area.

Safety is paramount in a mining site and providing quality light helps create a safer community. Rexel, Mildura supplied these fittings and the mine staff installed them. They are set to dim when no one is on the road but when motion is detected they fire up to full light.

James Rossiter, Star Group

Mid North Coast Correctional Centre

"We removed the 16 year old car park lights to make way for the 30W Zorro Unplugged all-in-one solar light. It is a fantastic solar solution and was just so easy to install.

It is nice knowing that there will be no worries of any faults in the underground cabling, as it uses none. I will use the Zorro Unplugged solar light again

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