Chamaeleon Deco

Microwave sensor controlled bulkhead light


A high performance decorative multi mode oyster / bulkhead LED luminaire. Maximise your energy and maintenance savings through the inbuilt motion and daylight sensor.

Perfect for corridors, foyers, lobbies, toilets and fire stairs. Available in Charcoal Black

Product Features

5 year warranty Daylight Sensor Emergency IP65 Rating Microwave Sensor Safety Compliance IK10 Rating

Key Features

  • Integrated motion sensor triggers transition between full & standby light outputs
  • Microwave sensor detection range of up to 8m
  • Control options - Integrated PE cell for daylight sensing with a range of ambient light level settings OR adjustable standby light setting of 0% / 20%
  • Durability - water & dust proof rating of IP65
  • Offering a high level of impact resistance IK10


Corridors Fire stairs Foyers Lobbies Toilets
Technical Info
D-CHAM-C-CBChamaeleon Deco Standard with in-build sensor- charcoal black
D-CHAM-C-E-CB Chamaeleon Deco Emergency with in-built sensor - charcoal
Light source                   SMD LED
Lumen output 1750 lumen
CRI Ra>80
Power consumption 21W Standard, 23W Emergency
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range  220 -240 V AC
Battery type 7.2V Ni-CD SC 1800mAh HT
Discharge time90 minutes
Emergency classification D40
IP rating IP65
Impact rating IK10
Weight2.03kg standard, 2.34kg emergency
Integrated motion & PE sensor                                                                                      -5.8GHz microwave motion sensor with adjustable range.
   -Integrated PE cell to activate the motion sensor at specified ambient light level. Sensor control settings of 2, 5, 10, 30, and 50 lux available to cover darkness, twilight and daylight levels (standard setting – photocell disabled)
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range  220 -240 V AC
  Spare Parts 
Replacement battery pack7.2V Ni-CD SC1800mAh HT, part No SPC-Batt-DECO
Suggested install height 1 - 1.8m2.5 - 6m
Detection rangeUp to 6mUp to 8m
Detection angle 30° - 150°360°
Standard detection range settings   100% with options to
  decrease to 75, 50, 25 or 10%


Detection range setting (sensitivity)
This determines the effective range of the motion detector and is set by DIP switches at the sensor itself, refer to figure. Note that reducing the sensitivity will also narrow the detection range.

The following settings are available:
I - Detection range 100%
II - Detection range 75%
III - Detection range 50%
IV - Detection range 25%
V - Detection range 10%

Time setting
This determines the time the fitting remains at 100% level on motion detection and is set with DIP switches at the sensor itself, refer to figure. The following settings are available:
I -5s
II - 30s
III - 1 minutes
IV - 5 minutes
V - 15 minutes
VI - 30 minutes

Light control setting (can only be used when standby is set to 0%)
This setting allows the motion sensor to switch the unit on when ambient light is below the set point. This setting can only be used if the standby is set to 0%. If the standby is set to 20% this has to be set to Photocell Disabled. When using the photocell function ensure the sensor cannot be influenced by other light sources.

The following settings are available:
I - 2Lux darkness operation only
II - 5Lux twilight operation
III - 10 Lux twilight
IV - 30 Lux daylight operation
V - 50 Lux daylight operation
VI - Photocell disable