Chamaeleon™ III

Self test, mobile control app and daylight sensor


Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, the Chamaeleon III has revolutionised the lighting for low occupancy spaces. The award winning patented Chamaeleon lll light offers new design & functionality improvements sourced from user feedback across over 1000+ project installations nationally.

Designed for Car Park and Fire Stairs, this luminaire has a well-known reputation for delivering reliability, maintenance and energy saving benefits.

Product Features

7 Year Warranty App Control Daylight Sensor Emergency IK10 Rating IP65 Rating Ip52 Rating Microwave Sensor Self Test

Key Features

  • Monthly battery self test capability for emergency models
  • Integrated microwave motion sensor with range of up to 8m, triggers gradual transition between full & standby light output
  • Ability to adjust standby and full light output to provide a customised solution for each site
  • Lower standby power consumption–now only 5W!
  • Design optimised to improve battery performance & extend battery life
  • Smart Connect base for easy install, removal & maintenance. Maintenance can be performed by a handyman without isolating power
  • Externally accessible drawer for easy battery changeover in emergency versions
  • High performance LUMILEDS LEDs rated @L70 to over 100,000 hours
  • Vandal proof skirt available
  • Daylight sensor enabled, this feature ensures the light is not activated by the motion sensor when daylight is detected but instead remains on standby mode.


Corridors Fire stairs Plant rooms Store rooms Undercover car parks


  • 2019 - National Awards for Excellence - Sustainability Award
  • 2016 - Energy Efficiency Council Industry Awards 2016 - Best Energy Efficiency Innovation
  • 2015 - Alumni Finalist, Australian Technology Competition
  • 2015 - NSW IES Luminaire Design Award of Excellence - Chamaeleon III
  • 2012 - Cleantech Open Awards - Winner 2012
  • 2012 - Taipei International Invention Show
  • 2011 - NSW Government Green Globe Awards
Technical Info


CHAM-CCeiling mount standard
CHAM-C-ECeiling mounted emergency
CHAM-WWall mounted standard
CHAM-W-EWall mounted emergency
Light source Lumileds LED
Lumen output (adjustable via
Chamaeleon III App)
3500 lumen
CRI Ra>80
Power consumption 42 -43W full light output, 4 -5W at standby
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range 100 -264 V AC
Power factor>0.9 240 V AC at full load
Battery type9.6V NiMH 2200mAh
Discharge time90 minutes
Emergency classification Ceiling mount: C0: D50, C90: D40
Wall mount: C0: D63, C270: D50
IP ratingIP52 standard, IP65 models available
Impact ratingIK10
Weight 4.5kg
Ambient temperature range -10°C to +50°C
Microwave sensor range360 deg; max 8m - adjustable
Microwave sensor operating interval
10 sec to 5 min
Daylight sensorManually adjustable

1. Place the light on a soft surface to avoid scratching the diffuser. Using the key taped to the body of the light, remove the base by turning the key and pulling on the barrel lock.
2. Mount Smart-Connect base by fixing it to the ceiling at all four corners. Minimum size fixing: 6.5mm. If fixing to plasterboard use 4 hollow wall anchors.
3. Connect the Smart-Connect base wiring to the light circuit wiring of the building.3a. The conduit locator tabs can be used to hold the conduit in the correct position. Standard conduit size is 20mm. For 25mm conduit a reducer is required.

4. Place Smart-Connect Base plate hinge tabs into slots located at opposite end to barrel lock. Align the electrical connector terminal pins on the light fitting to the terminal block sockets on the base.

Once aligned, press the light upwards to connect. Do not force the light into the base terminal without aligning the pins and clicking the hinges as the pins may snap.

5. Push barrel lock in to secure.


The Chamaeleon emergency light is programmed to automatically conduct a monthly 90 minute discharge test. The test does not disrupt the light's normal operation. The monthly discharge test is visable via single multi colour LED indicator, located under the diffuser.

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