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Lighting costs too high?

Are you looking to reduce your lighting energy and maintenance costs and achieve a cost effective NABERS rating improvement?

Looking for easier testing?

Did you now that there is an easier way to conduct emergency lighting discharge tests WITHOUT interrupting the normal operation of the light?

Lighting accounts for around 20% of a commercial building's energy use and up to 38% of electricity consumption.

With over 1,400 installations nationally, the award winning enLighten Australia product range delivers up to 93% energy savings for the following back of house areas.

With in-house lighting design capability, we can support our product specification to meet specific task lighting requirements, in addition to Australian Standard & Australian Building Code compliance.

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Chamaeleon multi mode LED light

  • Applications - fire stairs, undercover car parks, back of house service corridors
  • Up to 93% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent batten lighting
  • Externally accessible battery drawer on emergency models for easier maintenance
  • Vandal proof skirt & IP65 models available

Chamaeleon III : NEW. Self test feature in emergency models.Gradual fade transition from full light to standby modes, with standby consumption only 4-5W

Chamaeleon Eco: A value offering that still offers the microwave motion sensor with full & standby light levels in standard & emergency models.

Chamaeleon Deco range

A decorative range of multi mode oyster / bulkhead LED luminaires with integrated motion sensor and daylight harvesting capabilities. Available in standard & emergency.

  • Integrated motion sensor triggers transition between full & standby light outputs
  • Microwave sensor detection range of up to 10m
  • Integrated PE cell allows for daylight sensing controls with a range of ambient light level settings
  • Adjustable standby light setting – 0 or 20%
  • Durability - water & dust proof rating of IP65
  • 3 hour battery backup in emergency models

Vico LED batten

New in 2016, the Vico LED batten offers linear lovers a simple T8 or T5 fluorescent batten replacement.

  • Available in 600mm (18W), 1200mm (36W) & 1500mm (44w) models in standard & emergency
  • Option of microwave motion sensor with standby light operating at 20% brightness for both standard & emergency versions
  • Water & dust proof, supported by IP65 rating

  • NSW: AMP Capital Investors
  • QLD: Marriott Brisbane City
  • QLD: ISPT (Bracken Ridge Plaza outdoor carpark)
  • QLD: QIC (Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre)
  • QLD: Walker Corporation (150 Charlotte St, Brisbane)
  • NSW: Australian Catholic University (ACT Campus)
  • NSW: Australian Catholic University (Napier St North Sydney Campus)
  • NSW: Australian Catholic University (North Sydney Campus)
  • WA: Charter Hall Office Trust (303 Sevenoaks Cannington WA)
  • QLD: Australia Arcade Toowoomba
  • VIC: Alt Tower Apartments Flemington
  • NSW: Cromwell Property Group (2-6 Station St, Penrith)
  • QLD: InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort
  • QLD: Lend Lease & Harina Company (CP2 Tower)
  • NSW: Stockland Shellharbour Shopping Centre
  • NSW: Abacus Property Group (22 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby)
  • VIC: 441 St Kilda Rd Melbourne
  • NSW: Australian Unity Investments ( 20 Smith St, Parramatta)
  • NSW: Cambridge Hotel Sydney
  • NSW: Charter Hall Office Trust (Avaya House, 123 Epping Rd, North Ryde)

New product comparison guides make luminaire selection easier

New product comparison guides make luminaire selection easier

To assist our customers to understand the specific design features, controls options and performance of our growing luminaire range, we have created a series of comparison tables for a range of applications including emergency, indoor & outdoor corridors, factories & warehouses.

LED troffer meets tenant's light requirements where fluoros failed

LED troffer meets tenant's light requirements where fluoros failed

enLighten Australia has recently completed an office lighting upgrade for Abacus Property Group using an LED troffer that was able to fit the existing grid ceiling layout. The existing twin T8 36W fluorescent  recessed troffer fittings were not able to produce the required light output of 500 lux at a desk height of 700mm. The LED troffer delivered a superior light output of 550 lux, with a 66% energy saving as an added bonus.

Event Report: IES Multi level car park lighting innovation forum

Event Report: IES Multi level car park lighting innovation forum

enLighten Australia recently hosted a technical meeting for the NSW Chapter of the Illuminating Engineers Society (IES), the peak body representing lighting designers, engineers and specifiers. A panel discussed the project drivers for car park lighting, the new opportunities with lighting technology innovation, specification & defence of the original design from cross spec by industry.

22 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby
Savings: 92%

22 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby
Completed: Feb 2016

The 92% energy savings were achieved by replacing fluorescent lighting with no controls operating 24/7 with the Chamaeleon III light. The award winning Chamaeleon light, designed & manufactured by enLighten Australia, has an inbuilt microwave motion sensor which operates on…

Australian Technology Park, Sydney
Savings: 91%

Australian Technology Park, Sydney
Completed: Jul 2013

In the fire stairs wall mounted 10 chip emergency Chamaeleon lights replaced existing twin 36 watt T8 fluorescent tube fittings, which operated 24/7 without any controls. Similarly, in the single level basement car park, ceiling mounted emergency Chamaeleon lights replaced…

NAB House Sydney
Savings: 84%

NAB House Sydney
Completed: Jul 2012

The retrofit resulted in the replacement of the existing 184 fluorescent fittings (368 tubes) within the fire stairs with 184 emergency Chamaeleon lights producing the same light output levels. A combination of 10 chip ceiling and wall mounted emergency Chamaeleon…

Sydney CBD A Grade commercial office tower
Savings: 85%

Sydney CBD A Grade commercial office tower
Completed: Jan 2012

8 and 10 chip Chamaeleon emergency lights were installed in fire stairs and car park egress paths and standard Chamaeleon lights were installed in the car park bays.

401 Chamaeleon lights replaced 802 T8fluorescent tubes, producing the same light output…

Chamaeleon - simple battery change

Showing the unique feature of the Chamaeleon's battery change draw. This ensures that the lights can be serviced quickly and simply - resulting in minimal downtime.

Chamaeleon III in fire stairs

The new Chamaeleon III in action as we follow a fire stair visitor. See how the integrated microwave motion sensor triggers the light well BEFORE the visitor reaches the landing and the slow fade down to standby mode.

The Chamaeleon light's maintenance saving features

See how the clever design features of the Chamaeleon light save on maintenance for light removal without cutting the power & battery replacement for emergency versions.

How to create extra income from lighting upgrades

Demand Manager talks to Enlighten, an LED lighting supplier, and gives tips for getting the most out of your lighting upgrades.

Fire stair lighting retrofit case study

View the Chamaeleon LED multi mode light with inbuilt microwave sensor in action as you follow an occupant move up & down the fire stair of a 12 storey apartment block.
See how up to 93% energy savings are achieved compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.

The Chamaeleon™ LED light

Overview of the award winning high efficiency Chamaeleon™ LED light, which has delivered up to 93% energy savings for fire stairs, car parks and back of house areas.


What People Say

The decision to go with the Chamaeleon light was as a result of the strong performance of the previous installation of Enlighten Australia’s LED tubes in external walkways in late 2010. The LED lights are delivering energy savings of close to 60%, compared to the former fluorescent fittings.

Gary Love
Manager for Sustainability and Volunteering

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