Chamaeleon™ III
NEW! Self test, mobile control app and daylight sensor

The award winning patented Chamaeleon lll light offers new design & functionality improvements sourced from user feedback across over 1000 project installations nationally.

Smart Controls


Fire Stairs, Undercover Car parks, Garbage Rooms, Service Corridors, store rooms

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  • Monthly battery self test capability for emergency models
  • Integrated microwave motion sensor triggers gradual transition between full & standby light output
  • High performance microwave sensor with range of up to 8m
  • Ability to adjust standby and full light output to provide a customised solution for each site
  • Lower standby power consumption–now only 5W!
  • Design optimised to improve battery performance & extend battery life
  • Smart Connect base for easy removal & maintenance. No need to isolate the power - can be performed by a handyman
  • Externally accessible drawer for easy battery changeover in emergency versions
  • High performance LUMILEDS LEDs rated @L70 to over 100,000 hours
  • Vandal proof skirt available
  • Daylight sensor enabled, this feature ensures the light is not activated by the motion sensor when daylight is detected but instead remains on standby mode.


  • IPART, VEET & REES approved for rebates in NSW, VIC & SA
  • Standard models (wall & ceiling mount) approved for VEEC certificate creation in Victoria. Emergency models awaiting approval.
  • Designed for Australian Building Code & AS 2293 compliance
  • Save time & money when performing mandatory battery discharge test without interrupting normal operation of the light
  • Automatic battery testing verification via multi coloured light indicator
  • Project payback of 1-3 years for lighting retrofits
  • Cost effective NABERS base building rating improvements
  • Power factor improvements when replacing fluorescent lighting
  • Flexibility to adjust light levels to suit the area
  • Streamlined product range for easier specification

“We went with the Chamaeleon light over lower cost options due to the maintenance features, Our ability to carry spares and have an on-site handyman replace the light fittings or emergency battery without having to disconnect the power was a great tick for us & a future proofing of the lighting system.

We researched the company & had confidence in their Australian presence as the manufacturer, that they would be around to service / support our investment in the long term.”

David Ranieri, On-Site Manager, Riviera Apartments

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