Discover the latest affordable solar caravan & camping pathway lighting

The ultimate green outdoor lighting solution: The Zorro Unplugged is an ALL-IN-ONE solar pathway light.

Solar light Sorro unplugged

Lighting offers the holiday community a genuine sense of security and well-being. Well lit areas encourage people to explore their environment and the parks facilities. The Zorro Unplugged solar light is ideal for iluminating pathways, bridges, outdoor car parks and holiday park facilities.

Installing powered area lights has traditionally been very expensive and can be disruptive with the digging of trenches and the laying of electrical cables. The Zorro Unplugged is a convenient and cost-effective solution to improve visibility in an area that has been difficult to light because power is not available.

Harnessing the power of the Aussie sun

The Zorro Unplugged ALL-IN-ONE solar pathway light is 100% sustainable:

  • Get free from the electrical grid and dramatically reduce your bills
  • Designed with an independent rotating LED panel to minimise glare into caravans and holiday homes and focus light where you need it


SMART CONTROLS | Out-of-the-box functionality

Improve the safety and security of an area with smart controls designed to automatically detect if an area is occupied or unoccupied. Zorro Unplugged has an integrated motion sensor giving you light when and where you need it.

5 ways to save money in a Caravan Park

1) Replace lighting with an energy efficient equivalent
2) Implement a recycling system
3) Install water saving devices into showers and taps
4) Insulate hot water pipes
5) Purchase energy efficient equipment

Have enought light?

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