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Zorro Unplugged - Datasheet Zorro Unplugged - Datasheet(1334 KB)

Zorro Unplugged Product Features Zorro Unplugged Product Features(627 KB)

GM Poles - Tapered pole GM Poles - Tapered pole(1041 KB)


How to order

Contact Lochlan or Donna at enLighten on (02) 8084 6971


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Terms and Conditions

1) This offer is available to councils in fire affected areas only in NSW and the offer ends 31 May 2020
2) Two POs are required, one to your nominated electrical wholesaler for enLightens’ Zorro Unplugged LED solar light and the other to GM poles
3) General terms and conditions apply when purchasing from your local wholesaler or GM poles
4) The delivery of GM poles needs to be co-ordinated directly with GM poles.