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Rebuilding our towns

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enLighten Australia and GM poles have partnered together to assist towns and councils affected by the recent devastating bushfires.

A lot of Australian towns have suffered incommensurable damages and sometimes total destruction. Infact 18.6 million hectares and over 5,900 buildings have been destroyed. We have lost 34 lives tragically over this period.

We pledge to support these affected area by providing to the towns and council in needs an out-of-the-box solar light solution which is easy to deploy.

The Zorro unplugged solar light is an ALL-IN-ONE luminaire that has an integrated solar panel, LED array and microwave sensor and battery, all within one standalone system. This light just slips onto a GM pole and requires no cabling or trenching.



We would love to help everyone everywhere but our stocks are limited. This offer is for NSW bushfire affected Councils and will last until 31 May 2020.

If you are in charge of rebuilding a town please get in touch with Donna at enLighten on (02) 8084 6971


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