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Maintenance costs too high?

Are you looking for energy and maintenance savings in your fire stair, car parks, lift lobbies and other common areas?

Looking for easier testing?

Are you interested in a simpler emergency light testing and real-time monitoring that can tell you at any time the emergency light's status.

Did you know that common area lighting upgrades are eligible for financial rebates?

For approved products, such as the Chamaeleon multi function LED light, you can generate and sell energy efficiency certificates in NSW under the Energy Saving Scheme, the REES Scheme in SA and in Victoria via the Energy Saving Incentive Scheme.Read more

With over 1400 installations, our high quality range of Australian designed intelligent LED lighting & controls solutions have delivered up to 93% energy savings for Owner's Corporations across Australia.

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For a simple comparison of the design and performance features of our high performing LED luminaires 

Emergency luminaire range comparison Emergency luminaire range comparison(1607 KB)

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Chamaeleon multi mode LED light

  • Delivering up to 93% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent lighting technology
  • Integral microwave motion sensor
  • Applications - fire stairs, undercover car parks,  garbage rooms, lift lobbies, corridors
Added Benefits
  • Vandal proof skirt & IP65 models available
  • Additional control options - PE light sensor

Chamaeleon III : NEW. Self test feature in emergency models.Gradual fade transition from full light to standby modes, with standby consumption only 4-5W

Chamaeleon Eco: A value offering that still offers the microwave motion sensor with full & standby light levels in standard & emergency models.

Chamaeleon Deco

A decorative solution for both external and internal lift lobbies, corridors and fire stairs. In addition to the popular features of microwave sensor, standby & full light power modes, all models carry an IP65 water resistance rating.

Available in emergency & standard models. The Chamaeleon Deco range includes the arctic white LED oyster and charcoal black LEDbunker light.

Vico LED batten

NEW! The Vico LED batten offers linear lovers a simple T8 or T5 fluorescent batten replacement.

  • Available in 600mm (18W), 1200mm (36W) & 1500mm (44w) models in standard & emergency
  • Option of microwave motion sensor with standby light operating at 20% brightness for both standard & emergency versions
  • Water & dust proof, supported by IP65 rating


Chamaeleon Eco range

A value lighting solution for common areas –fire stairs, undercover car park, garbage rooms & service corridors.

  • Project paybacks of 1-2 years,
  • Approved for use to generate NSW government Energy Savings Certificates  rebates & Victorian VEEC certificates
  • Integrated microwave motion sensor triggers automatic switching between full and standby light output in standard and emergency models
  • High performance LUMILEDS LEDs
  • Generous heat sink to optimise LED performance
  • Indoor or outdoor use supported by water and dust proof rating of IP65
  • D40 emergency classification supports compliance with AS 2293.3

Supernova floodlight

A powerful lighting solution for your strata property's common areas including building perimeter, security lighting and outdoor car parks. Delivering up to 60% as a metal halide lighting replacement.

New luminaire replacement guide for retrofit quick reference

Are you looking for a quick reference guide to help understand lumen output & power consumption of our LED luminaire range as a retrofit solution for existing lighting?

Our in-house lighting design team has prepared a summary table which will help lighting wholesalers and electrical contractors offer project lighting solutions to retrofit from traditional fluorescent and HID lighting.

New product comparison guides make luminaire selection easier

To assist our customers to understand the specific design features, controls options and performance of our growing luminaire range, we have created a series of comparison tables for a range of applications including emergency, indoor & outdoor corridors, factories & warehouses.

public housing towers in Inner City Melbourne

Chamaeleon III project win for DHHS Melbourne Residential High Rise Housing Towers

Following a rigorous technical and financial due diligence analysis, Energy Consultants Total Energy Solutions have selected the Chamaeleon III to replace ageing emergency and standard lighting in the common areas of 14 public housing towers in Inner City Melbourne.

Common area LED lighting project delivers $460K in annual savings for NSW Land and Housing Corporation

From 2011-2015, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) conducted a program to improve the energy efficiency of common area lighting at 236 multi-unit residential buildings within its property portfolio. LAHC identified that approximately 70% of the electricity used in the common areas(corridors, fire stairs, carparks, lift lobbies) was due to lighting, with much of it operating 24 hours a day.

The project involved the removal of over 13,000 fluorescent emergency and non emergency light fittings and replaced them with an energy efficient vandal proof light. enLighten’s Chamaeleon LED light was chosen for its proven energy efficiency and compliance with LAHC’s detailed specification requirements.

NSW Government Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) rebates worth $385,000 were claimed for the project, which delivered combined energy savings of 2,570 mWh pa.

Savings: 90%

Iora Apartments, North Sydney
Completed: Nov 2014 - July 2015

Iora Apartments participated in North Sydney Council's My Green Apartment program, which identified retrofit of car park & fire stair lighting as a priority to deliver energy & maintenance savings. The Chamaleon LED lighting upgrade project payback was further strengthened through the generation & sale of Energy Savings Certificates, delivering $8,700 to the Executive Committee under the NSW Government's Energy Savings Scheme.

Savings: 79%

Southbank Apartments, Brisbane
Completed: Sep 2015

A standard & emergency Chamaeleon LED light retrofit of T8 fluorescent batten lighting in the underground car park & fire stairs of the 93 apartment complex on the Brisbane River contributes to a National Energy Efficiency Award win for electrical contractor Briett Thiedeke. Combined with a wider scope of upgrade works including lifts, exhaust fans, HVAC, pool pumps, garden & pool lighting a 30% reduction in TOTAL common area electricity usage was achieved from 2012-15.

Savings: 85%

Riviera Apartments, Chiswick
Completed: Oct 2015

Originally developed by Meriton in 2005, the Owner's Corporation of a Sydney harbourside residential apartment complex comprising 17 buildings upgrades lighting to save on electricity costs and stem maintenance cost spikes of its aging emergency lighting in common areas.

Savings: 85%

Marine Apartments Port Melbourne
Completed: Oct-Nov 2013

The Executive Committee actions LED lighting upgrades as most cost effective recommendation following a building environmental audit conducted via a Council program. Energy bills drop 40% including tariff price rises!

Savings: 89%

Abode Apartments
Completed: June-July 2012

19 story luxury Sydney high rise residential strata complex achieves 91% energy savings in Chamaeleon retrofit of fire stairs and underground car park and is eligible for over 30% project funding rebate from NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

Savings: 88%

NSW Land and Housing Corporation
Completed: Nov-11

LED lighting retrofit of common area lighting in Sydney residential unit block achieves 88% energy savings and 15% power factor improvement

Savings: 93%

Hyde Park Towers
Completed: Sep-2011

Chamaeleon LED retrofit of fire stairs in 32 story Sydney CBD residential strata, Hyde Park Towers, achieving energy savings of 93% and a 0.5 year return on investment.

  • NSW: Seabreeze Apartments
  • NSW: The Bond
  • NSW: 15 Young Rd, Carlingford
  • QLD: Sandcastles on the Broadwater Apartments,QLD

Chamaeleon III - car park lighting energy savings

The Chamaeleon III light in operation in an underground car park. See the new gradual fade from full light to standby light output, consuming only 4-5W

Chamaeleon III in fire stairs

The new Chamaeleon III in action as we follow a fire stair visitor. See how the integrated microwave motion sensor triggers the light well BEFORE the visitor reaches the landing and the slow fade down to standby mode.

The Chamaeleon light's maintenance saving features

See how the clever design features of the Chamaeleon light save on maintenance for light removal without cutting the power & battery replacement for emergency versions.

How to create extra income from lighting upgrades

Demand Manager talks to Enlighten, an LED lighting supplier, and gives tips for getting the most out of your lighting upgrades.

Fire stair lighting retrofit case study

View the Chamaeleon LED multi mode light with inbuilt microwave sensor in action as you follow an occupant move up & down the fire stair of a 12 storey apartment block.
See how up to 93% energy savings are achieved compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.

Abode Apartments Chamaeleon retrofit case study

Chamaeleon LED Light retrofit delivers 90% energy savings at Abode Apartments, Sydney

Green Strata Case Studies - Hyde Park Towers - residential strata building, Sydney CBD achieves 22% energy reduction

Green Strata: Hyde Park Towers has reduced its total energy consumption by 22% through lighting upgrades in the fire stairs, carpark and common area foyers.

Green Strata Case Study - Client perspectives - Chamaeleon installation in common area lighting

Green Strata: Since 2008 Nexus apartments has addressed the lighting requirements for each of its common area spaces. Here they talk about some of those initiatives

Chamaeleon - simple battery change

Showing the unique feature of the Chamaeleon's battery change draw. This ensures that the lights can be serviced quickly and simply - resulting in minimal downtime.

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What People Say

“We have achieved an $8,700 saving per year whilst improving the light output in our car park by 20%. We made further savings by cancelling a works order to replace 26 of the 120 fluorescent fixtures that were not working and we no longer have to deal with escalating maintenance costs of the16 year old fluorescent light fittings. ”

James Rodrigo, Owners Corporation Executive
Marine Apartments, Port Melbourne